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“Same With [Errol Spence Jr.]”: Fans Join Jamel Herring in Defending Derrick James for Telling Jermell Charlo “The Truth” During Canelo Alvarez Fight

Before facing off against Canelo Alvarez, Derrick James, the coach of Jermell Charlo, expressed his confidence in Charlo’s physical advantage over the Mexican boxer. James believed that Charlo needed to make the most of this advantage in order to prove himself as one of the top pound-for-pound boxers in history. Anticipating a tough battle, James also acknowledged that Canelo would likely try to control the fight, but he advised Charlo to not let that prevent him from being true to himself in the ring.

During the confrontation, James repeatedly reminded Charlo and continuously advised him to be more active. He also yelled for Charlo to “get off the ropes” and warned him not to wait. James instructed Charlo to hit when the opportunity presented itself, as they had practiced. He also encouraged Charlo to be more open and aware of incoming punches. Despite these instructions, Charlo did not follow them and ultimately lost the fight. Although Charlo was unsuccessful, Jamel Herring, a former junior lightweight champion, commended Derrick James for giving Charlo clear guidance on how to approach his fight against Alvarez.

The coaching of Derrick James has been highly praised by fans and Jamel Herring following the Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo fight.

Showtime recently aired the “Epilogue” for the Charlo vs. Alvarez fight. Like others, Herring watched the episode and felt that Derrick James was being honest and giving Mell (Charlo) good advice. Herring tweeted about his thoughts, and many others also defended James. One fan believed that James did all he could, but even with Charlo’s height, arm length, and speed advantages, he was unable to follow the game plan effectively.

Before the Charlo vs. Alvarez fight, Errol Spence Jr. went up against Terence Crawford. During this period, James was also coaching Spence Jr. According to a fan, James advised ‘The Truth’ on exactly what he should have done against ‘Bud’. “He did the same with Spence, giving instructions to his fighters, but they did not follow them,” the fan added.

According to someone else, James felt that Jermell did not pay attention to him. They think that when Charlo realized he couldn’t win, he made the decision to focus on getting through the fight without getting hurt.

According to Robert Garcia, Canelo Alvarez has achieved more in his boxing career than the renowned Mexican fighter Julio César Chávez Sr. However, this statement has angered many fans who believe that despite spending his entire life in the sport, Garcia has not learned anything.

On the other hand, someone argued that Charlo needed to throw 1000 punches in order to secure a victory.

In the end, it can be said that while James put forth his best effort, Canelo proved to be too formidable for Charlo in the boxing match.

After the match, Charlo can use his mistakes as a learning opportunity. Jamel Herring has expressed admiration for Derrick James, but what is your opinion on James’ coaching? Do you believe he did his utmost? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Fans have rallied behind Jamel Herring as he defends Derrick James for speaking the truth to Jermell Charlo during his fight against Canelo Alvarez.