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“Romance Troubles” – UFC Heartthrob in Relationship with Fighter Supported by Dana White Causes Frenzy Among Fans

The UFC boasts not only top-tier athletes, but also a roster of attractive individuals. Among them is strawweight fighter Tabatha Ricci, who has gained a large following since being signed by Dana White’s promotion. However, her fans were disappointed when she posted a photo on Twitter (X) which hinted at a romantic relationship with a boxer who is supported by the UFC CEO.

Tabatha Ricci is a rising star among the female fighters. After experiencing defeat in her initial UFC bout, she has gone on to achieve a winning streak of four fights, with a total record of 9 victories and 1 loss. In addition to her skills in the ring, her attractive appearance has also captured the attention of fans. However, they are now feeling disappointed. Let’s discover the details.

Tabatha Ricci is in a relationship with Callum Walsh, who is supported by Dana White.

Dana White, a 54-year-old promoter, has a talent for discovering talented fighters. One of his latest discoveries is Callum Walsh, a 22-year-old boxer from Cork, Ireland. Walsh has had an impressive start to his boxing career, remaining undefeated since his debut in 2021.

Known as ‘King’, Callum Walsh has been dominating in his recent matches. With 8 consecutive wins, he remains undefeated. Impressive enough, 7 of those victories were achieved through knockouts. Walsh is highly confident in his striking skills, as seen through his recent challenge to Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier for a friendly match. But it’s not just his fighting abilities that have been making headlines, as his dating life has been the talk of social media.

Tabatha Ricci recently posted a story of herself on a long drive, in which she tagged Callum Walsh, possibly hinting at a romantic relationship between the two fighters. The two also appeared quite close and comfortable with each other. However, this did not sit well with some fans, who expressed their disapproval on Twitter. Let’s take a look at some of their reactions.

Fans are devastated to hear about the recent updates in Ricci’s romantic relationships.

Many fans expressed their opinions on social media upon discovering that Tabatha Ricci was in a relationship with Callum Walsh. However, there were also individuals who were confident that a fighter like ‘Baby Shark’ would be involved with another fighter.

Several supporters alleged that Callum Walsh shattered the hopes of Ricci’s fans.

In addition, someone also stated that they saw Walsh and Ricci holding hands at Noche UFC.

Afterwards, their opinion of the Irish boxer soured upon discovering his relationship with ‘Baby Shark’.

One fan said:

Another individual mentioned that Walsh and Ricci recently began dating approximately two weeks ago.

However, there were some fans who were not particularly enthusiastic about Tabatha Ricci.

Conor McGregor shared a heartfelt message for Callum Walsh, sponsored by Dana White, before his impressive TKO win, saying “You Are in Great Hands, My Man.” This had a touching effect on McGregor.

Although no fighters have publicly acknowledged being in a relationship, the Instagram story reveals the truth. It is common for fighters to date others in their field, regardless of their specific combat sport. Only time will tell if there are any updates to this situation.

What do you think of Tabatha Ricci and Callum Walsh dating? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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