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Renowned British Heavyweight Champion Shares Rare Photo with Muhammad Ali, Stresses Significance of Personal Conversations

In June 2016, former British professional boxer Frank Bruno had a heated exchange with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. This happened just four days after the passing of the world’s greatest boxer, Muhammad Ali, on June 4th. Ali had battled Parkinson’s disease for 32 years before his death. As the boxing community mourned the loss of their champion, Bruno appeared on the show.

When the news of Muhammad Ali’s passing was received by a British fighter, it struck a somber chord in his heart. He had a special admiration for Ali and considered him a father figure. As he tried to come to terms with this loss, he was asked if he ever wanted to fight Ali. This question caused him to become emotional and he responded by saying, “Piers, I hold him in the same regard as God. It would be disrespectful for me to say I want to fight him.” He went on to say, “He has passed away, so I would rather remember him as a supporter rather than make any comments, if you don’t mind.”

Even after many years, the fighter still holds his idol in high regard. And as he reflects on the past, he is reminded of a valuable lesson.

Bruno recommends having conversations and also recalls Muhammad Ali.

“I am grateful to have met him. He is my hero,” expressed Frank Bruno while coping with the passing of Ali. Even now, as the boxing world continues to remember Ali for his dominance in the sport, Bruno shared words that would surely resonate with him. In a time where technology can cause disconnect, Bruno advocates for traditional face-to-face communication.

Browsing through his X profile, the ex-professional boxer expressed, “Good afternoon, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your Sunday. It’s incredible how many people still work on a Sunday, even just on their computers. When I was a child, my mother used to say that Sunday was the Lord’s day as she marched me to church!” Emphasizing the importance of connecting with each other on a personal level, he continued, “Remember to have a good day and turn off your screens for a few hours. Isn’t it important to have face-to-face conversations with one another? I even know a couple who text each other while being in the same house! As we say in my charity, ‘it’s good to talk!'”

Bruno’s strong preference for connecting with others comes from the inspiration he received from Muhammad Ali during a difficult period in his life.

‘Dear Frank’

Who else embodies the compassionate side of being a famous boxer besides Muhammad Ali? Bruno has a deep understanding of this. In 1995, Bruno finally gained the love of his nation by winning the WBC heavyweight championship after three previous failed attempts. During his most difficult moments before this achievement, he received a letter from the iconic figure of the time, Muhammad Ali. The letter revealed a side of Ali that is greatly admired by many.

The message stated, “Dear Frank, Watching you fight makes me grateful that I didn’t join in. Based on what I’ve seen, you would have posed a significant challenge for me.” Showing his characteristic humor and cleverness, Ali quipped, “I recognize that you’re a good guy with a pleasant demeanor, and you’re not too bad-looking either. If we were to compete for a title fight, it would be difficult for me to get angry enough to fight you.”

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Bruno, a fighter, was diagnosed with Bipolar Syndrome and was marginalized in the boxing world. He was eventually sectioned under the Mental Health Act due to his declining health. Now at 61 years old, he is doing well and continues to engage on social media about topics that are important to him. He received a letter from a legendary figure, and it is something he will cherish forever.

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The British heavyweight legend recently posted a forgotten photo with Muhammad Ali, highlighting the significance of in-person conversations. This post was originally shared on EssentiallySports.