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New Interview with Damian Lillard Summarized: 30-Minute Candid Discussion about Stephen Curry, Miami Speculations, and Other Topics Specifically for You.

Damian Lillard has a determined goal to win a championship and is no longer satisfied with his current team, the Trail Blazers. He is driven to become the top player in the league. In a recent interview with the YouTube Channel Come And Talk 2 Me’s show It is What It Is, he shared his thoughts on various topics, including the debate on the greatest point guard of all time. He also explained why winning a championship is significant to him and addressed rumors about having to take a drug test after scoring 71 points in a game.

The top-performing Guard discussed the possibility of parting ways with his long-time teammate, CJ McCollum. He also touched on a few other interesting topics. Here is a thorough examination of the Guard’s comments to Cam’Ron, Mase, and Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson. With the two rappers in attendance, the collaboration between the hip-hop artist and basketball player seemed natural.

Dame showcases his rap talent alongside Shaquille O’Neal.

Although Lillard is known for his impressive shooting abilities, his talent in hip-hop is also highly praised. In 2019, he confidently declared himself the best rapper in the NBA to Joe Budden. In response, Shaquille O’Neal released a “Freestyle” aimed at dissing Lillard. Lillard then fired back with his own diss track, “Reign Reign Go Away,” taking shots at Shaq. This back-and-forth led to a legitimate rap feud between the two. Shaq continued the dispute with another track, and Lillard responded with “I Rest My Case.”

Cam’ron and Mase, both well-known rappers, were intrigued by this issue. They eagerly asked Lillard to explain the details. Lillard argued, “I was simply giving Shaq the recognition he deserves. He was successful and had his own style. As an artist, you always compare who is the better rapper. I stated that I believe I am the best. Shaq took offense to that. It turned into a little exchange of words. I haven’t seen anyone say that he beat me.”

Of course, DAME D.O.L.L.A backs his rapping skills considering how much flow and swag he has. Going up against a well-respected OG Diesel is no easy feat, but the Guard always backs himself whether on the court or off the court. Last season, the Guard dropped 71 points and a drug test came about. 

On being drug-tested and Scoot Henderson

When questioned about the frequently discussed topic during the previous season, the Guard did not seem to give it much importance. Mase inquired, ”

Were you upset or bothered by the drug test?To this, the Guard replied, ” even on the list

The decision was made beforehand, it wasn’t a random selection for a drug test. I was not aware that I would be chosen.”. Mase then realized, “Oh, it wasn’t because of the 71”. 

Lillard replied, “No,

When someone reports, it appears as if they are saying, “Oh, they got reported and tested because they had a score of 71.” However, there are also games where someone may have a score of 21 and still get tested. However, people don’t post about this on social media because it’s not seen as newsworthy.

Next, he was asked if anything else had offended him. Was he offended by the Trail Blazers’ selection of high-scoring guard Scoot Henderson?

NBA, Basketball Herren, USA G League Next Up Game Feb 19, 2023 Salt Lake City, UT, USA Team Luka center Shareef O Neal 8 looks on against Team Scoot during the second half at the Jon M. Huntsman Center. Salt Lake City Huntsman Center UT USA, EDITORIAL USE ONLY PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xChristopherxCrevelingx 20230219_jma_qr2_135

He clarified, ”

We have talked with Scoot a few times since he joined the league. His position was the best available, so it was the logical choice for the pick. I was not offended because ultimately, it’s about playing and I have been in this profession for a long time. It wasn’t a negative judgment towards me.

He then mentioned a topic that continues to be a popular discussion. Famous individuals frequently seek changes in their surroundings.

I disagree with Harden’s approach and believe that winning a championship is more important.

When asked about how he feels about superstars like James Harden hopping teams, he said, ”

I do not enter any situation expecting everything to go my way. Everyone has their own desires and choices. Just because someone else is willing to do something does not mean I will do the same. There are certain things that do not align with my values and I will not do them because they do not reflect who I am.

Dame does not support Harden’s approach, but he has also made a trade request after being with the Blazers for a decade. Lillard has stated that he wants to win a championship now and believes that players like Charles Barkley and Karl Malone are not given enough credit because they never won a championship.

He elaborated, ”Because you don’t have a ring yet and I’m just like that’s before I was in the NBA that’s how I viewed it for players that they talked about like that like when they talk about Charles Barkley I’m like how y’all speaking on Charles Barkley like this right you know I’m saying like you don’t got to ring Karl Malone don’t got a ring like these is real Legends”.

Regarding CJ’s difficult experience in the NBA, individuals causing trouble, and the ongoing issues between Poole and Dray.

Then the Guard went on to talk about his long-term partnership with CJ McCollum. He knew the end of the road was near. When asked about the CJ trade to the Pels and if Anfernee Simons’ rise was related to that, he stated, ”

I do not believe that is the case. CJ and I were both playing in the backcourt for approximately eight years. We were both earning significant amounts of money, but our size and style of play were very similar. It seemed like a good time for us to explore other options. CJ and I have actually discussed this for many years.

We were aware that this was going to occur.

Blazers stars CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard

Cannot reword

The Guard shared his personal story of becoming an NBA player. Despite being a two-star recruit and playing for a lesser-known program, Weber State, he persevered. The PG recalls his humble beginnings, playing for a local team and not a prominent AAU program. He even remembers having to sell candy raffle tickets to support his team and being grateful to the coaches who provided him with transportation and meals.

Amidst rumors swirling about the Miami Heat, there is a question as to whether Lillard would have preferred to remain with the Trail Blazers. The usually reserved Guard had already been reprimanded by the league for breaking rules regarding openly declaring a desired trade destination. However, the Guard surprised everyone by stating, “In an ideal scenario, I would be able to spend my entire career in Portland.”

Then he dived into the subject of NBA players like Paul George and Patrick Beverley and talking trash to him. Beverley had once mocked Dame when he missed two late-game free throws. This is why, he didn’t forget to mention the time he knocked out George in 2019 after hitting a series-sealing three. He said, ”

I am aware of my actions. Whenever there is a disagreement, if I sense any disrespect, I will respond with disrespect.

In 2014, the talented clutch player defeated both Pat Bev and the Rockets by making a winning shot over Chandler Parsons.

During the discussion about disrespect, Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson brought up an incident involving Jordan Poole when he was a rookie with the Warriors. Wilson suggested that there may be some tension between Poole and the Guard, to which the Guard responded by denying it. However, after scoring a step-back three-pointer, the Guard directed derogatory language towards Damian Lillard and recalled Poole taunting him during a free-throw attempt. Lillard became annoyed and asked Draymond Green to tell Poole to be quiet. Poole responded by saying that Lillard made him quiet. This led to a back-and-forth exchange and Poole hinted that his post-game interview may have been edited to make it seem like he doesn’t like Poole. In light of this, Cam’ron asked if Lillard was surprised by Draymond Green punching Poole, given his behavior on the court.

As a person who has engaged in multiple conflicts with Green and exchanged insults with him, he stated, “There must have been some sort of event that led him to this point.”I don’t see Draymond like just clicking off like that in a heartbeat. So it had to be built-up, a lot of words being exchanged. So that was my first though, damn, he must be saying a lot of shit”

He also expressed a desire that Draymond had not done it.

Lillard stated, “He is easily portrayed as someone he is not, but off the court, he is a laid-back person.” Lillard’s reputation is the opposite of Draymond Green’s. He is known for being organized and avoids unnecessary conflicts, which is also due to his role as an offensive powerhouse. However, even outside of basketball, he remains focused. This is why Cam’ron referenced his “clean-cut” demeanor. He cannot understand why a general manager would consider trading someone like DAME D.O.L.L.A. Lillard once again mentioned James Harden, who is known for his lavish lifestyle, including visiting a strip club during the playoffs. Cam’ron asked, “Do you think that played a role in it?”

Lillard explained that his main focus is on his music, basketball, and spending time with his family. He finds his routine to be boring, but he doesn’t believe it has any impact on his ability to achieve success.

Mase posed a challenging question to the no-nonsense guard. He inquired, “If you had to choose between winning a ring or receiving a diamond, which would you choose?”

Next, the dissatisfied scorer proceeded to announce his top contender and the greatest point guard of all time, both in history and currently.

He is the top point guard in his time and considered the greatest of all time.

“I desire a ring, even though it may seem excessive to splurge on a diamond. To me, it is a worthwhile investment for a lifetime. The ring holds great significance for me.” Cam’ron then inquired about the ongoing debate on the greatest point guard (PG) of all time, sparked by Stephen Curry’s self-proclamation. When asked to weigh in on the discussion, Dame responded, “In my opinion, Magic is the best PG in history. His dominance on the court, versatility, size, swagger, and flair make him stand out.”

Stephen Curry vs Damian Lillard

On November 26, 2021, at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California, USA, Golden State Warriors’ player Stephen Curry (30) was seen dribbling while being guarded by Portland Trail Blazers’ player Damian Lillard (0) during the second quarter. This photo is a mandatory credit to Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports.

During the conversation about Curry, he mentioned his personal experience playing against him. He stated, “I believe that often, Curry plays more like a shooting guard, with a lot of movement without the ball. Draymond is like the true point guard of the team, even though Steph is labeled as the point guard. If Steph was in an offense like mine where he was required to have the ball more, we would see him do more typical point guard actions.”

Mase used this as an opportunity to ask Lillard if he believed Steph was superior to him. Lillard confidently stated that he believes no one is better than him on the court, and that this is his biggest strength. He was then asked if he considers himself the top Point Guard in the league, to which he immediately replied “Yes”. He also mentioned three other players who he believes are at the top.

Lillard acknowledges that the only Point Guard in the league who may be better than him is Steph Curry. He then lists Steph, Kyrie Irving, and Russell Westbrook as his top picks for Point Guards. Lillard praises Kyrie’s game, calling it unique and beautiful, and stating that he is the most skilled player in history. He also mentions that Kyrie was the first to do many impressive moves and has a knack for improvising on the spot.

After the team members shared some humorous stories, Wilson referenced a video in which LaMarcus Aldridge teaches Lillard the hip-hop dance known as the Dougie. She then inquires if he also teaches the new players the same moves. In response, he stated, “Oh, they do that every year.” The show concluded with the famed player gifting items such as his latest shoes and an Adidas Pro basketball.

Can Damian Lillard avoid paying James Harden’s $100,000 penalty with his “perfect world” statement?

During the 30-minute interview, Lillard addressed some misconceptions, particularly regarding the drug test. He also shared his thoughts on his favorite guards, making for an exciting experience for many. Although he may have seemed contradictory at times, he was speaking spontaneously and trying to be honest. It is evident that Damian Lillard is confident in his abilities. This conversation is timely as the Guard is finished with the Trail Blazers and determined to not continue losing. He is wholeheartedly pursuing a championship.

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