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Nate Diaz angrily lays out his terms to Jake Paul for a potential boxing and MMA rematch.

Jake Paul was declared the winner in his boxing showdown with Nate Diaz a few months back. Following this, he suggested an MMA bout to Diaz, but the fighter from Stockton was not on board with the idea. Recently, Paul made remarks about Diaz’s reluctance to face him in an MMA fight, causing the former UFC star to publicly criticize ‘The Problem Child’ and issue a request on Twitter (X).

In 2023, the highly anticipated boxing bout between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz brought together fans from both worlds. The two opponents fiercely battled for 10 rounds, ultimately resulting in a victory for the former YouTube star turned boxer. After the match, Paul expressed interest in an MMA fight, but Diaz quickly shut down the idea. Let’s hear his response.

Nate Diaz expresses strong disagreement towards Jake Paul and the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

UFC veteran Nate Diaz was recently made aware of a video featuring Jake Paul discussing his proposed MMA fight with the former UFC fighter on the ‘Fullsend’ podcast. Paul, also known as ‘The Problem Child’, stated that Diaz, at 38 years old, is hesitant to face him in a cage match. According to Paul, Diaz’s reluctance stems from the potential danger it poses for the Stockton native.

Jake Paul continued to claim that if Nate Diaz were to lose an MMA fight to a YouTuber, it could have a negative impact on his reputation. He also speculated that the MMA community would mock the former UFC fighter. However, Nate Diaz shut down these claims in a social media post.

Nate Diaz responded to Jake Paul by saying, “You’re talking nonsense and I never requested anything from you.” He also stated that he is willing to face ‘The Problem Child’ in an MMA match whenever. However, Diaz does not believe Paul is at his level and has no interest in fighting in the Professional Fighters League (PFL) as his loyalty lies with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) (in a less than pleasant manner).

“I will engage in an MMA fight with you tomorrow, but the issue is that you are not skilled and I am not willing to fight for the sake of entertainment. If Jake Paul wants a rematch, he must meet my conditions. Let’s see what the fighter from Stockton has in store.”

in the same night

The individual from Stockton announces a boxing rematch and an MMA fight to take place on the same evening.

Nate Diaz appears to be eager for a second fight against Jake Paul. The previous match generated a lot of buzz and was financially advantageous for the ex-UFC fighter. As a result, Diaz has requested a boxing rematch and suggested an MMA fight for their third meeting, giving Paul time to prepare.

DALLAS, TEXAS – AUGUST 04: Nate Diaz lunges at Jake Paul during weigh-ins for their fight at American Airlines Center on August 04, 2023 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images)

Nate Diaz stated that there will be a third boxing match in the MMA, but training time is necessary and also expressed his opinion that the opponent is not skilled. He also mentioned that he plans to be prepared for the boxing match by the end of this year and suggested that New Year’s Eve would be a suitable date for the rematch.

Jake Paul recently made a prediction for October 14 while criticizing Dillon Danis’ training clips, stating “You Can’t Fake Being That Sh**ty.”

Despite the various comments and requests from Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, it remains unclear what their next actions will be. There have been speculations that Paul is actively pursuing his next fight, but the identity of his opponent has not been confirmed. On the other hand, Diaz hinted a few months ago that he may return to the UFC, but he is currently not signed with any organization. Therefore, there is a possibility that we may witness another match between him and ‘The Problem Child’ if the YouTuber agrees to it.

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Nate Diaz, clearly upset, publicly called out Jake Paul for a potential boxing or MMA match, venting his frustrations with an X-rated rant. His demands were made clear in the post titled “Rematch Is in…” on EssentiallySports.