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Mookie Betts, who is known as a fierce MVP competitor, praises the impressive achievement of the $100 million MVP contender as “crazy” and historic.

The competition is intensifying in the National League. As the regular season draws to a close, teams are either rejoicing over their potential spot in the playoffs or lamenting their elimination. Despite being a team sport, each player on the roster plays a crucial role. Mookie Betts is currently in the spotlight for the NL MVP award, among others.

The defensive skills of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ player have been a joy to witness, particularly considering his lackluster start to the season. However, as the 2023 season reached its midway point, it seemed as though Betts was unstoppable. His impressive performance has placed him at the forefront of MVP discussions, alongside his teammate Freddie Freeman. Yet, there is another player who is giving these two formidable competitors a run for their money, and even Betts himself recognizes his talent.

Mookie Betts is a fan of Ronald Acuña Jr.

The Atlanta Braves have passed the 100-won games milestone in 2023 largely in part due to Ronald Acuña Jr. The 25-year-old has accomplished the unachievable this year, setting new records in the majors. Last month, he was the first player to ever hit 30 home runs and steal 60 bases. The number slowly climbed to 40 moonshots, another massive feat for any slugger. Then two days ago, Acuña made history again.


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(@mlb) on Mar 29, 2019 at 6:13pm PDT

On March 29, 2019, MLB shared a post on their Instagram account at 6:13pm.⚾ (@mlb)

The first athlete to achieve a 40-70 season, Acuña from the Braves has consistently displayed an MVP-worthy performance throughout the entire season. Fellow player Mookie Betts even acknowledges this, sharing a post from MLB on his Instagram story that praises Acuña. The Dodgers’ right fielder was clearly impressed, writing “I hope everyone realizes how incredible this is” with a mind-blowing emoji attached.

He acknowledged to The Orange County Register, “There are numerous players who have performed exceptionally well and there is no denying Acuña’s accomplishments.”

Indeed, it’s a historic milestone that no one in the league in its decades of existence has achieved. The Braves stopped the game against the Chicago Cubs to share some highlights of Acuña’s brilliant season. Although the Cubs broadcast wasn’t too happy about it, many felt that the slugger deserved applause.

Betts is not too worried about missing out on the MVP award.

Some people prefer to receive individual awards on top of team achievements, but others are content with just the success of the team. Mookie Betts falls into the latter category. After winning an MVP award in 2018 with the Boston Red Sox, the Dodgers player’s main goal is to add another World Series ring to his list of accomplishments.

Ronald Acuña Jr. is a top contender for the MVP title, but recent actions suggest he is not on the same level as Mookie Betts.

“I am unsure, my friend. MVP is impressive, but it may not be as important. Our main focus is winning the World Series,” Betts stated. “Personal achievements are great and some players strive for that, which is completely acceptable. However, for me, the ultimate goal is to come out victorious. If I happen to perform well, that’s great. But ultimately, winning is all that matters to me.”

It appears that his objectives are well-defined! Regardless of whether or not Betts wins an MVP award, he would definitely welcome another championship in the Fall Classic.

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Mookie Betts, a strong contender for MVP, praises a $100 million challenger for reaching a significant milestone in an impressive fashion. This news was first reported by EssentiallySports.