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“Michelle Wie West’s comical cheering for her husband has gone viral among golf fans, earning the nickname ‘Baby Giraffe-y’.”

In the beginning of the year, Michelle Wie West retired from her successful 18-year career as a professional athlete. Due to injuries and the overwhelming demands of the game, she felt compelled to make this choice. However, she has fully embraced her retirement and is enjoying it to the fullest. Despite no longer competing in professional golf, she remains connected to the sport.

The former professional golfer remains active in the sport, from planning events for the LPGA to participating in Tiger Woods’ TGL league with Serena Williams and her spouse Alexis Ohanian. She and her husband recently gained attention online for their use of advanced technology while playing golf. Her humorous dancing for her husband had fans in stitches.

Michelle Wie West astounds her husband as she holds a club.

Following her retirement, Michelle Wie West explored various interests, including tennis. However, her passion remained in golf and she continuously returned to the sport. As a shareholder of TGL, the ex-LPGA champion is linked with the LA Golf team, alongside other notable athletes such as Alex Morgan.

Ever since joining Woods’ league, it appears that Michelle has become more involved in the technology aspect of golf. Her recent Instagram post showcases her enthusiasm for this side of the sport. The video features Michelle dancing to the popular ‘more passion, more energy’ song as her husband trains on a golf simulator.

“Does your significant other happen to be a professional golfer? Show your endless love while also improving your golf swing with Sportsbox. The post featured a golfer demonstrating her cheer moves, as her husband looks on in awe, standing beside Sportsbox’s golf technology with a club in hand.”


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After the post garnered attention from the golf community, numerous well-known celebrities and golfers shared their thoughts. Let’s take a look at their responses!

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The golfing world admires Wie’s incredible dancing skills.

Golf fans flocked to Instagram like bees to support the former professional golfer. In addition, Michelle Wie West and other well-known figures from both inside and outside the golf community also left comments.

🤣” she wrote.

Alison Lee, a former LPGA colleague of hers, also added her thoughts on the caption and made a comment.

“It seems to me that the situation is reversed.”

Kathryn Newton, a golf enthusiast and Marvel superstar, also expressed her amusement in response to the post, saying “So funny!”

The video appears to be well-received by fans, with two online users commenting, “This is awesome!!! Your expressions!” and “Aaaaahahahahaha”.

A fan expressed their happiness for West, stating, “I’m glad to see you enjoying yourself!”

Someone even extended a happy Saturday wish to the golfer.“Happy Saturday Gorgeous!”

One viewer likened Wie West to a newborn giraffe after watching the cute video. They remarked, “Wow, @michellewiewest is really channeling her inner baby giraffe with that dance and arm stretch.”

What is your opinion on Michelle Wie West’s proficiency with technology? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Michelle Wie West’s comical cheering routine for her husband has gone viral among golf fans, earning the nickname “Baby Girraffe-y.”