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Max Verstappen presents his million dollar concept while Gianpiero Lambiase gains popularity as Red Bull achieves success.

Max Verstappen has had an unrelenting year, consistently winning races. It can be confidently stated that he has made very few mistakes in 2023. However, there were instances where the communication between him and Red Bull went like this:

“Hey everyone, I just wanted to express my gratitude for the amazing driving experience with the car.”or

The vehicle was incredibly fast. or

“Max, it’s incredible that you’ve become a three-time world champion.”

Given the success of Verstappen and Red Bull this season, one would anticipate that the communication between Verstappen and the pit wall would reflect this. However, it is not surprising that Verstappen has made a few mistakes and faced consequences for them.

While Verstappen’s radio back-and-forth has majorly been positive in 2023, there have also been the occasional

I suggest that you think more carefully. or

“Max, please adhere to my instructions and have faith in them.”

Can you guess who sent them? It was Gianpiero Lambiase, Verstappen’s race engineer.

Max Verstappen desires a physical memento of the Grand Prix after 2023.

One of the most notable moments of Verstappen’s season has not been his nearly unbeatable performance. While that is certainly a noteworthy highlight, what stands out even more are his interactions (including banter and occasional outbursts) with GP. Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull, mentioned this as well.

Gianpiero is unafraid to express his thoughts and opinions. The dynamic between the two individuals is so strong that it can be difficult to determine who is the leader and who is the follower.

The bond between a driver and their race engineer is essential, and it is clear that Verstappen and GP have mastered it.

At certain moments, tension may arise between them. This was evident during the qualifying round at the Belgian GP. Verstappen was at risk of being eliminated from Q2 and expressed his dissatisfaction, placing blame on GP.“sh*t execution,”

After loudly expressing his opinions on the radio, GP concluded his rant.

“And if the track was two seconds faster on the last lap, and you were completely exhausted, how would that scenario have played out?”

After GP asserted dominance over Verstappen and the Dutchman claimed the top starting position, he expressed remorse.

“I apologize to GP for my lengthy and intense expression of my thoughts.” GP hilariously said,

“Max, I am gradually adapting to it.” 

Despite the entertainment value for many viewers, both Max and GP have enjoyed their heated debates. During an interview with Channel 4, David Coulthard asked Verstappen if he found the exchanges with GP enjoyable. Verstappen responded by proposing a brilliant idea to illustrate his appreciation for these discussions.

I believe I should make an effort to communicate with the marketing team. It is their responsibility to create a compilation of all our radio messages from the past year.

Wouldn’t we all love that?

“Fans are having a great time watching Max Verstappen be silenced while attempting to imitate Fernando Alonso behind the wheel.”

According to Horner, Verstappen only takes advice from GP. The Dutch driver sees his engineer as the top figure at Red Bull. Despite their mutual respect and occasional jokes and disagreements, Horner couldn’t resist making a comical analogy.

Verstappen and Lambiase are a perfect match.

One of the first instances of GP and Verstappen banter this season happened at the Spanish GP. Verstappen was on his way to winning the race comfortably but wanted to secure a Grand Slam. He needed the fastest lap but already had warnings for track limits. Despite GP’s advice to just bring the car home, Verstappen put in the fastest lap. After that lap, GP not-so-subtly told Max to stay within the limits (both the tracks and his). Talking about this to the media after the race, Horner said,

The dynamic between Verstappen and Lambiase is reminiscent of an elderly couple having a disagreement over what to watch on TV.


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Horner is not the only one who believes they are a perfect combination. In fact, F1 commentator David Croft made a similar remark after the Belgian Grand Prix. He stated,

“I believe that GP and Max are a perfect match. They complement each other perfectly and bring out the best in one another. GP doesn’t tolerate any nonsense from Max, but he also understands that his driver can be easily agitated and likes to be in charge. He handles these situations with understanding, patience, and respect, which allows Max to feel heard and respected. There is a strong sense of mutual admiration between them. Together, they make a fantastic team and are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Will Red Bull’s marketing team fulfill the desires of Max Verstappen and others?

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Max Verstappen proposes a lucrative idea while Gianpiero Lambiase gains popularity thanks to Red Bull’s achievements.