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“Maintaining His Physicality” – At the age of 56, Joe Rogan proudly advocates for his love of martial arts and shares his inspiration for pursuing MMA.

Joe Rogan has been pursuing his passion for a long time. It all began when he joined the UFC in 1997, back when it was relatively unknown. After gaining years of experience and knowledge in the world of fighting, Rogan now hosts a highly successful podcast worth millions of dollars.

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the host shared his thoughts on the importance of pursuing one’s passions. He has personally chosen a lifestyle that aligns with his own interests and continues to only invite guests who he finds most intriguing. On the latest episode, he discussed his mindset with guest Jimmy Carr.


Joe Rogan discussing his pursuit of personal interests:

Rogan and Carr discussed the idea of achieving mastery in a skill. The common belief is that dedicating 10,000 hours to a particular skill can lead to mastery. While they both acknowledged that this may not always be the case, Rogan noted that investing such a significant amount of time can make someone a professional. He then shared his personal experience of giving up other interests to focus on mixed martial arts, which he found to be his true calling.

“I came to the realization that I was not lazy, but simply uninterested in other activities, after I began practicing martial arts,” explained Rogan. “Growing up in a blue collar community surrounded by a white collar community, I didn’t have many role models who were truly passionate about their pursuits,” he added. “I saw those around me as struggling to survive and didn’t want to follow in their footsteps.”

Rogan mentioned how practicing martial arts altered his perspective on life. He observed that witnessing others pursue their passions and excel at teaching it was eye-opening for him. This realization led him to choose his own path. It seems that embracing his passion has greatly benefited him in the grand scheme of things.

Currently, Rogan’s involvement in MMA has led to his success, just like the individuals he used to observe in the past. Most importantly, he has managed to overcome the challenging social environment he was raised in. Carr emphasized the fortunate aspect of discovering one’s passion at the right moment. It appears that our beloved host has had some good luck.

After discovering his own path, Rogan now assists others in finding and pursuing their own paths.

Jimmy Carr is a famous comedian. Joe Rogan himself tried stand-up for quite a while and now owns a comedy club in Texas. The podcaster mentioned how MMA was his true calling. He is a trained fighter and has also competed at various levels of BJJ.

When Joe Rogan and I first crossed paths, I was still a virgin, and now it’s been 14 years since we got married and we have three daughters

“When Joe Rogan and I first met, I was inexperienced in relationships, but now it has been 14 years since we tied the knot and we are proud parents of three daughters.”

Rogan explained, “I focused on competing and teaching.” Carr agreed that this choice was fitting, as Rogan’s work in comedy has also exposed him to fellow comedians. Through his comedy club, Rogan has provided a platform for other comedians to showcase their talents. In this manner, he has served as a role model in various fields while pursuing his passion.

An opportunity that is not available to many. Or is it? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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