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“Logan Paul expresses anger towards Joe Rogan’s friend for supporting Dillon Danis in Nina Agdal’s lawsuit, using offensive language.”

The ongoing feud between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul has extended beyond the online world and their highly anticipated confrontation has yet to take place. Danis has been making news for his controversial posts about Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal for several months. He has made it clear that he will do whatever it takes to get into Paul’s head.

His tricks, however, did not sit very well with the model about to marry Paul. Danis and his Twitter shenanigans went far past promoting a fight even if the fighter didn’t realize it. Perhaps it’s Team Conor’s influence, calling out your opponent’s families looks like a common theme against a popular rival. However, Conor McGregor never ended up in a court drama. Danis on the other hand is a whole different story. So when Joe Rogan‘s friend Brendan Schaub commented on the situation, Logan Paul was not happy.

Logan Paul fiercely responds to Shaub’s remarks.

Schaub frequently appears on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The comedian and former fighter recently shared his opinion on the Danis-Paul controversy, and it ended up causing trouble for him. Agdal filed a lawsuit against Danis for his offensive tweets about her, and she is seeking over $150,000 in compensation. Schaub expressed his disappointment with the lawsuit by tweeting, “This saddens me. As fighters, we should follow the first rule of fight club: don’t sue each other and ruin the fight.”

The issue at hand raises concerns about fundamental ethics. Is the pursuit of entertainment and a rivalry more important than anything else? Even if it involves constantly harassing someone simply because they are associated with your adversary? What we do know is that Logan Paul boldly stood up for his future wife, without watering down his message in both his tweet and subsequent Instagram post.

“I am not the individual taking legal action against him. He initiated a conflict with an innocent woman who is asserting her rights by holding a perpetrator legally responsible for their unlawful actions. Anyone who fails to comprehend this is foolish and misguided. The lawsuit is HER decision, and I wholeheartedly stand by her.”

Paul and Agdal are well-prepared for both the physical and legal aspects of their fight. While they are facing separate battles, they appear to be supportive of each other. Numerous fans sided with Paul’s statement, in which he expressed his belief that the “promotion” has strayed far from just being about the fight, as he responded to Schaub’s baseless claims.

What comes next and what has already occurred?

Dillon Danis has not yet attended a court hearing regarding Agdal’s restraining order against him. The order was granted, prohibiting Danis from any contact or public discussion about Agdal. As a result, his frequent and explicit tweets will be temporarily suspended.

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Currently, Danis is scheduled to participate in his match against Paul. Despite widespread rumors of his withdrawal, Danis is still expected to compete. The match for Misfits Boxing is set for October 14th. Paul has declared his intention to “shatter” Dillon Danis’ face in retaliation for his actions. Do you believe he will be successful? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Logan Paul became furious and attacked Joe Rogan’s friend for showing support to Dillon Danis in Nina Agdal’s lawsuit, leading to a post titled “Delusional Tw*t” on EssentiallySports.