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“Lil Kim Mulkey” is the subject of a story about Angel Reese, who reportedly “embarrassed” a new teammate in front of a crowd of 2,500,000 people.

Hailey Van Lith, the point guard for the Louisville Cardinals, caused quite a stir when she made the unexpected decision to join the Louisiana State University Tigers in April. According to both critics and fans, this move gave Lith the chance to team up with the reigning champions and solidify her chances of winning the coveted title. LSU’s head coach, Kim Mulkey, was already set on creating a star-studded team and had already welcomed Angel Reese to the team in 2022.

According to sources, Van Lith and Kim Mulkey were in a relationship since high school. Angel Reese made a joke about Lith’s relationship, let’s see what Reese said.

What was Angel Reese’s message to her latest teammate?

According to a post on Reese’s Instagram story, she shared a video of Hailey Van Lith playfully calling her “Baby Kim” and “Lil Kim Mulkey.” Reese even captioned the story with “Lil Kim Mulkey,” showing Van Lith blushing and walking around the LSU training room. While Van Lith continues to chat and move around, Reese teases her.

Angel Reese
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Kim Mulkey, the head coach, successfully led the LSU Tigers to win their first-ever coveted title in just her second year in her current role. In addition to recruiting Van Lith, Mulkey also added Aneesah Morrow and the second-ranked player in the 2023 class, Mikaylah Williams, to create a strong and dynamic team.

According to LSU County fan nation, Van Lirth was satisfied with the LSU Tigers and made the decision to transfer.

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The current title holders, the LSU Tigers, are preparing to defend their NCAA championship in the upcoming season. With a strong team, they have a good chance of achieving this goal. However, Reese has gained attention in the media for frequently making negative comments about other players, even their family members.

What action did Reese take towards her brother Julian?

During a practice game with his team, the Maryland Terrapins, Julian Reese made a dunk after receiving a pass from forward Donta Scott. However, his sister Angel criticized the dunk as “weak” on her social media story.

Angel Reese
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Reese frequently shares her humorous perspective on her Instagram stories, as she did on Wednesday with Hailey Van Lith. Do you like watching Angel Reese’s Instagram stories? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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