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Kyrie Irving criticizes Miles Bridges for his weak actions after allegedly taking a jab at former Rockets player, LaMelo Ball. He comments, “It’s interesting to see drama between peers.”

LaMelo Ball, a 22-year-old player for the Charlotte Hornets, is a highly anticipated talent in the NBA. He recently signed a lucrative 5-year contract worth $260 million, establishing himself as the team’s leader. However, despite this, the Hornets are not yet considered contenders for the championship. In fact, Austin Rivers, a veteran of 11 years in the NBA, criticized the team’s management for surrounding their star player with “Troubled Youth,” which is hindering their chances of success.

Miles Bridges, a forward for the Hornets, was offended by Rivers’ remarks and retaliated against the former Rockets star. This back-and-forth caught the attention of Kyrie Irving, who called out Bridges for his lack of courage.

Kyrie Irving adds his thoughts on the ongoing drama between Miles Bridges and Austin Rivers.

The conflict between Miles Bridges and Austin Rivers arose when Rivers referred to LaMelo Ball’s Charlotte teammates as “Troubled Youth.” Although no specific player was mentioned, fans speculated that the experienced guard was targeting Miles Bridges, Kai Jones, and Brandon Miller. Bridges was absent for the entire 2022-23 season due to allegations of domestic violence with his former girlfriend. His teammate Kai Jones has also made headlines for publicly calling out NBA legends and making bold statements on social media. Bridges confronted Austin Rivers over his remarks, stating, “Many basketball players go on podcasts and act tough, talking about other teams as if they know everything. But most of the time, those talking the most don’t even play. We’ll see about all of that this year, believe me.”


Kyrie Irving, a previous NBA champion, observed the exchange and playfully grabbed a bucket of popcorn, commenting “Lol. Gotta appreciate the drama between peers on the court.” He also criticized Miles Bridges for his weak behavior, stating “@ mention the person you’re talking about next time.” Uncle Drew advised the Charlotte Forward to tag the player he was talking about in his comments, as he did not explicitly mention Austin Rivers’ name.

Is Austin Rivers accurate?

While Miles Bridges may have not agreed with Austin Rivers’ remarks, there could be validity in the experienced guard’s statement. The Charlotte Hornets have struggled to achieve notable success in recent years, with their last playoff appearance dating back to 2016. It seems unlikely for the team to become serious contenders for a championship, as they have difficulty even making it to the playoffs.

After Lonzo Ball secured an endorsement from LaMelo Ball for a $9.4 billion brand, LaMelo Ball is calling for collaboration with the latest release of “BBB”

After securing a $9.4 billion endorsement from Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball is now seeking collaboration with the latest release of the “BBB” brand.

LaMelo Ball has shown great promise in his brief stint with the Hornets. He became an All-Star in his 2nd season and has elevated his game each year. Melo might be the key to turning the Charlotte Hornets franchise around. But he needs to be surrounded by veteran players who prioritize the team’s success over anything. With the current roster who are getting more famous for their off-court antics than their on-court game, the Charlotte Hornets might be looking at another disappointing season.

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Kyrie Irving has publicly criticized Miles Bridges for his cowardly actions in response to a reported jab at former Houston Rockets player LaMelo Ball. Irving refers to this drama as “peer to peer” and seems to find it entertaining.