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Joe Rogan and Sean O’Malley argue for the creation of a new super heavyweight division in the UFC, as stated in the quote, “I am not acquainted with anyone who possesses one.” This suggestion is being made to Dana White, the head of the UFC.

It is common knowledge that the UFC does not have a superheavyweight division. There is a general belief that fighters weighing 265 pounds or more lack the necessary flexibility for MMA. However, Joe Rogan and Sean O’Malley challenge this belief and believe otherwise.

Although not present in America or Europe, its significance remains focused primarily on the Asian continent. In his latest podcast, JRE MMA show #143, commentator Joe Rogan stressed the importance of creating a super heavyweight division while speaking with Sean O’Malley.

Joe Rogan and Sean O’Malley both stressed the importance of establishing a super heavyweight division within the UFC.

During the most recent JRE MMA Show, Joe Rogan welcomed the current bantamweight champion, Sean O’Malley, and his experienced coach, Tim Welsh. Throughout the three-hour podcast, they covered a variety of topics including sports, movies, and cars. A noteworthy moment came during a conversation about the NFL, when the color commentator pointed out that the UFC has a strict 265-pound weight limit. Rogan chimed in, saying “It’s interesting that the UFC has a 265-pound weight limit.”

According to O’Malley, the UFC’s decision to introduce a 265-plus weight category and explore super heavyweight fighters could bring about a new era for the sport. He also stated, “I believe this would create a whole new level of competition at 265-plus, which is a positive development.”

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Rogan quickly interjected, stating, “The superheavyweight division, but who would compete in it? Everyone is training to be 265 pounds, right?” He pointed out that developing talent in a weight class above 265 lbs would require seeking opportunities outside of the UFC, as there is currently no super heavyweight division. O’Malley added that the UFC will likely find a solution for this issue.

Why is there no super-heavyweight division in MMA?

The heavyweight division in MMA has historically been missing. There are various reasons for this, one being that fighters in this weight class often lack the required abilities. These include proficiency in striking, grappling, and cardiovascular endurance, which are crucial in MMA. Unfortunately, these massive individuals are limited by their size and strength and are unable to fully showcase their potential.

Fighters like Bob Sapp, Hong Man Choi, and Emmanuel Yarborough are exceptions, but they are either retired, inactive, or past their prime. Additionally, there is a lack of new talent stepping up to challenge them. Most superheavyweight fighters struggle to gain a substantial fan base or develop captivating personas that draw viewers and support. They also face difficulties in finding suitable opponents and events.

As a result, MMA organizations have limited motivation or possibility to implement a super heavyweight division. Do you believe the UFC should take this into consideration?

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Joe Rogan and Sean O’Malley argue for the addition of a new super heavyweight division in the UFC, as seen in their post “I Don’t Know Anybody That Has One” on EssentiallySports.