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Jocelyn Reno, a 6-time champion in America, is now poised to dominate in another sport after ruling over BMX.

Attending college presents a valuable opportunity to refine your talents and discover new ones. It allows you to step out of your comfort zone and pursue aspirations that may have seemed unattainable before. While everyone’s journey to success may differ, it is evident that college provides an ideal setting for self-discovery and authenticity. This was certainly the experience for Jacelyn Reno, who is making significant strides in the cycling world.

Although he is a skilled BMX racer, Reno has set his sights on a new goal. The Texas native’s current focus is on winning a championship with MSU Cycling.

“Transitioning from BMX to MSU Cycling”

Reno, a newcomer to MSU Cycling, has a record of six wins at the US Gold Cup in BMX. She made a strong impact on MSU cycling last year, placing second in the Conference. Reno’s goal is to win every race she competes in, and she has twice earned a spot on the USA world championship team. This year, she will also be racing in Portugal after qualifying for the 2021 Red Bull pump track world’s qualifier.

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Although she is currently studying mass communications at MSU Texas, Reno’s ultimate goal is to become an extreme sports broadcaster for Red Bull. In a recent conversation, she shared about her experience traveling to Europe and how it gave her a clearer understanding of her aspirations. She explained, “After the trip, I have a better grasp on what I need to do to improve my training and reach my goals. The athletes in Europe are much larger, almost twice my size.”

She achieved victory in a competition in Tulsa, following a mental obstacle caused by a previous accident. Given that she considered this event to be one of the toughest races in the US, it appears that her perspective gained from racing in Europe is proving beneficial.

BMX runs through her veins.

Although Reno may appear unique, she shares a passion for BMX with her family. Her relatives operate the BMX Bike Park in Bowie, Texas. Jacelyn credits her sister, Shealen Reno, as her inspiration and role model, as she too is a successful BMX racer. Together, the Reno sisters have achieved numerous accomplishments, competing in matches nationwide and showcasing their honed skills from North Texas.

Jacelyn Reno is a rising star in both BMX racing and mountain racing. While she has reached the peak of her BMX career, she still has many achievements to accomplish in mountain racing. The extent of her skills in each sport may be uncertain, but it is clear that her decision to pursue both has been a wise one. Whether she is on a BMX or a mountain bike, Jacelyn Reno’s goal is to dominate every race. We believe she has the potential to achieve great success in both sports.

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Jocelyn Reno, the six-time American champion in BMX, is set to conquer a second sport after her dominance in the BMX scene.