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“Jarred Brooks offers his analysis on the ONE Fight Night 15 matchup between Joshua Pacio and Mansur Malachiev, stating that there are two potential outcomes.”

The current ONE Strawweight MMA World Champion, Jarred ‘The Monkey God’ Brooks, will be closely monitoring ONE Fight Night 15: Le vs. Freymanov on Prime Video this Friday at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok.

The upcoming event will feature a high-pressure showdown that may determine the next contender for Brooks’ title. Former division leader Joshua ‘The Passion’ Pacio will face off against undefeated Dagestani star Mansur Malachiev.

Jarred Brooks analyzes the fight between Joshua Pacio and Mansur Malachiev.

The American champion recently analyzed the fight. He believes that in one corner, Malachiev – who is currently ranked #5 in the division after an impressive promotional debut – is a skilled takedown specialist who will try to capitalize on his grappling advantage as the fight progresses into the later rounds.

Brooks drew on his own experience as a World Title winner against Pacio, commenting on Mansur’s speed and reach. He suggested that Mansur likely has strong tendons and could potentially take Joshua down, although it was difficult for him to do so. Brooks also noted that taking opponents down becomes easier as the rounds progress, and he believes Mansur could possibly take Joshua down in the third round and assess their options.

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However, the fighter known as ‘The Monkey God’ is not underestimating the former five-time ONE Strawweight MMA World Champion, who is known for his dynamic and explosive striking abilities. In order to defeat his opponent, Josh must have confidence in his own skills and not be overly concerned with Malachiev’s striking. It is through utilizing his techniques that Josh can emerge victorious against someone like Mansur Malachiev.

Brooks believes that his opponent’s abilities give him an advantage in the upcoming fight.

Brooks stated that Pacio, who is currently ranked #1, is a versatile fighter and his training at the renowned Winklejohn academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico has enhanced his skills as an athlete. However, the strawweight champion cannot definitively predict a winner for Friday’s fight, whether it’s Malachiev using his aggressive wrestling tactics or Pacio utilizing his distinct striking abilities.

“I am working diligently to defeat him” – Mansur Malachiev shares his aspirations before facing Joshua Pacio.

Joshua Pacio stands out among fighters with his unique combination of sanda and wushu, and his recent training with the Winklejohn’s has added to the intensity of his style. He is a true mixed martial artist, while Mansur excels in a specific area. If the fight goes the full distance, Mansur may have an opportunity to capitalize. However, one should never underestimate Joshua Pacio’s potential for a knockout victory.

Jarred Brooks provides his analysis of the Joshua Pacio vs Mansur Malachiev fight at ONE Fight Night 15, titled “It Could Go Two Different Ways”, in a post on EssentiallySports.