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“It’s a challenge”: Just minutes following Carlos Sainz’s rebellion, Fred Vasseur delivers a discouraging update.

Ferrari may not have achieved the desired outcome when transitioning from Singapore to Japan, but that is the nature of Formula 1. Despite initially winning at Marina Bay, Ferrari was demoted to the third fastest team in Japan. However, they were able to capitalize on the circumstances and secure fourth and sixth place finishes in the race. These positions are not deemed satisfactory, especially by TP Frederic Vasseur and Carlos Sainz, who felt let down by their team during the Japanese Grand Prix.

The Spanish driver, who began the race in sixth place behind Leclerc, crossed the finish line in that same position. Despite having a strong pace, Sainz was unable to take advantage of it due to the team’s decisions. However, his complaints were ignored, as others at Ferrari were also disappointed. As Formula Passion reported, even Vasseur expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome.

According to Vasseur, achieving fourth and sixth place is not enough for complete satisfaction.

Despite facing challenges, the French driver maintained a positive outlook and stated, “Although it was a tough day, we are making progress towards catching up to Mercedes. Our strategy was spot on and we were able to control tire wear. There were also some notable highlights. Our goal is to close the gap with Mercedes in the Constructors’ championship and we have gained 4 points towards that.” (Translated via Google)

“Fred, it seems your plans have not succeeded this time.” Carlos Sainz taunted Vasseur with this statement following a birthday celebration at the Italian Grand Prix.

The difference between Ferrari and Mercedes has decreased to only 20 points, adding even more tension to the next six races for both teams. This intense competition for second place in the final rankings highlights the urgency for Ferrari to achieve optimal performance with their cars.

Following the Grand Prix of Japan, Carlos Sainz disclosed a troubling situation for Ferrari as they prepare to face off against Mercedes.

One of the key factors in achieving success in Formula 1 is the quality of the car. Even with skill, a driver cannot perform without the proper equipment. During the Singapore GP, Sainz was able to break free from a difficult situation, but in Japan, he faced challenges due to a recurring issue throughout the season – the SF-23 car.

Carlos Sainz
IMAGO / Michael Potts

In Marina Bay, Singapore, Carlos Sainz competed for the Ferrari team in the 2023 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Regarding the Ferrari challenger, the speaker expressed that the car has not met their expectations or preferences. They described it as a challenging car to handle and not performing well this year.

What is the persistent issue that has plagued Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in their Ferrari F1 car?

Each week brings a new situation for the Ferrari drivers. Will they be able to discover a successful strategy before the end of this season, or perhaps by 2024?

After Carlos Sainz expressed his frustration, team principal Fred Vasseur delivered a discouraging update in just a matter of minutes on the post titled “It’s Difficult” by EssentiallySports.