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“I have the ability to defeat them”: Following his widely-shared 9-second knockout that went viral, a PFL fighter is now requesting a “super fight” against Nick Diaz and Jorge Masvidal.

Cedric Doumbe, the former Glory kickboxing champion from France, burst onto the MMA scene in a jaw-dropping fashion. In his recent PFL debut, he left spectators in awe with a blistering knockout of Jordan Zebo that lasted a mere 9 seconds! Doumbe’s thunderous left hook sent Zebo crashing to the canvas, and the MMA world couldn’t stop talking about it.

At first, he was planning to join the UFC, but things changed when the agreement didn’t go through. However, after his knockout video went viral, he gained confidence in his abilities to compete with UFC fighters and is now excited to showcase his skills on the grand stage.

Cedric Doumbe thinks that UFC supporters are not aware of his true abilities.

Cedric Doumbe had a sudden change of plans when he was initially signed by the UFC in the previous year. Unfortunately, issues with the French Athletic Commission resulted in the cancellation of his first fight, leading to his release from the company. Refusing to give up, he signed with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Fortunately, there may still be a chance for Doumbe to compete in the UFC.

During an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Doumbe shared his goals, stating, “I desire to have significant fights, such as super fights against notable opponents like Jorge Masvidal, Nick Diaz, or Anthony Pettis. I am confident that I can defeat them and prove my superiority. I am determined to show the world who I truly am.”

Doumbe openly expressed his beliefs about the UFC, stating that they made a mistake by not signing him. He firmly believes that he is the best and that the PFL made a smart decision in signing him. He also acknowledges that the UFC may regret releasing him.

New information has been released regarding UFC CEO Dana White’s top rivals, following the news that PFL has received a $100 million investment to purchase Bellator MMA.

Jorge Masvidal and Nick Diaz have not expressed interest in participating in the PFL. However, former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis promptly accepted Doumbé’s challenge.

Anthony Pettis is game for anything

Pettis, a recent addition to the PFL in 2021, is familiar with being in the public eye. He was previously the UFC lightweight champion and successfully defended his title before experiencing a setback in his career. He is widely recognized for his iconic ‘Showtime’ kick against Benson Henderson, in which he ran along the cage wall before leaping off to deliver a kick to Henderson’s face.

Despite facing some recent defeats, such as one against Stevie Ray, Pettis bounced back with a win in his first boxing match against Roy Jones Jr. The PFL is preparing for a thrilling 2024 season, featuring notable fighters like Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul making their debuts. A potential showdown between former kickboxing champion Cerdic Doumbé and former UFC champion Pettis could headline a major event for the promotion.

Anthony Pettis

On January 18, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Anthony Pettis gets ready for his lightweight fight against Carlos Diego Ferreira at UFC 246 in T-Mobile Arena. The photo is taken by Steve Marcus/Getty Images.

In summary, Cedric Doumbe’s impressive first appearance in MMA has established him as a formidable competitor in the PFL. He aims to challenge well-known opponents and demonstrate his capabilities, marking the start of his journey in the MMA industry. A potential showdown with Anthony Pettis in 2024 is anticipated to be a highly-anticipated event for the PFL.

What is your opinion on the UFC’s decision to retain Doumbe in their roster? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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After his 9-second knockout went viral, PFL fighter is now calling for a “super fight” against Nick Diaz and Jorge Masvidal, declaring “I Could Knock Them Out”. This comes just days after the video of his impressive maneuver took over the internet. The post was originally published on EssentiallySports.