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“He’s Just My Dog”: ‘Alien’ Micah Parsons Hasn’t Forgotten His Bonds as Cowboys Prepare for New England Test

The undefeated record of the NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys, was ended after a 28-16 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. However, their upcoming game against the New England Patriots on Sunday gives them an opportunity to improve their record to 3-1. Adding to the drama, the Patriots’ Running Back, Ezekiel Elliott, used to be a member of the Cowboys. This will make Sunday’s game more than just a regular match-up, but also a reunion for former teammates.

Elliott parted ways with the Cowboys in March after spending seven seasons with the team. He subsequently joined the Patriots on a one-year contract in August. After six months, Elliott will once again be playing alongside his friends and former teammates. Even Cowboys’ standout linebacker Micah Parsons commented on this reunion.

Micah Parson is prepared to compete against his friend next Sunday on the field.

The New England Patriots are aiming for a 2-2 record after their impressive 15-10 victory over the New York Jets. The Cowboys, who are still reeling from their loss to the Cardinals, are also eager to get back on track. In light of this, the team will be facing their former teammate Ezekiel Elliott from the opposite side of the field. The Cowboys’ standout linebacker has responded to this development.

Dez Bryant, a former star receiver, has added to the fuel of the Cowboys’ fire with a brief four-word message.

Micah Parsons expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity to reunite with ‘Zeke’ on the field, even though they will be on opposing teams. He stated, “He’s like a brother to me. I know it’s all love and we will both give our best effort.” Parsons also believes that Elliott’s presence will bring a competitive edge to the team. In other news, the Cowboys are worried that Elliott may reveal their strategies to the Patriots before their upcoming game.

Parsons mentioned that during their practices, Elliot would often remind him that he had a solid understanding of the linebacker position and would be a formidable opponent if he were on the opposing team. Parsons shared, “Zeke used to tease me by saying, ‘You’re lucky I’m not out there. I know exactly how to play against you.'” Despite this, Parsons appears to be even more enthusiastic about their upcoming match precisely because of this challenge.

The media also posed a similar inquiry to Elliott, who replied by discussing the potential for emotional reactions and reassured that he would still give his all, even if it meant competing against his former team.

Ezekiel Elliott discusses playing against his former team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Elliott anticipates experiencing some emotions as he steps onto the field to face his former team. However, he recognizes the importance of setting aside those feelings and delivering his best performance for his current team, the New England Patriots. When speaking with the Dallas media, he stated, “I must focus on preparing for the game and giving my all.”

Additionally, he added, “There are definitely emotions involved. I may be good at concealing them, but they will still be present.” In a separate interview with NBC Sports, he expressed that “it’s just another week” for him. Despite his excitement to reunite with his former teammates, Elliott is fully aware of his responsibilities on Sunday.

Depending on the outcome of the game, one of the teams will have a 2-2 record. What are your opinions on this? Share them in the comments section.

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