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Hendrick Motorsports’ top performer rejects Joey Logano’s skill in “Set and Stone With Who’s Fast.”

After years of hard work, Rick Hendrick’s long-awaited goal of 300 wins for the Hendrick team was finally achieved in an exciting race under the Texas sun. The crowd was buzzing as the No. 24 car crossed the finish line in a thrilling final restart, all eyes on the coveted checkered flag. This victory not only marked a major milestone, but also secured William Byron’s place in the playoff round of 8.

As the season progressed, it became more and more clear that Rick Hendrick’s top driver was a strong contender for the championship at Phoenix. Before the round of 12 elimination at the ROVAL, Byron took a moment to think about his competitors, indirectly disregarding the previous year’s champion who had been eliminated in a heartbreaking race at Bristol.

Hendrick Motorsports is confidently evaluating the playoff landscape for 2023.

In 2023, Joey Logano had a difficult start due to Ford’s struggle to keep up with Chevy’s dominance. Despite being the defending champion, Logano only won one race at Atlanta during the regular season, which secured his spot in the playoffs. However, when the round of 16 began, Logano was unable to earn enough points and his chance at defending his title started to slip away.

In a heart-wrenching moment under the Bristol night race lights, Joey Logano faced elimination after the very first playoff round, dashing his hopes for a repeat championship. With an impressive six wins to his name in the 2023 season, William Byron currently sits atop the leaderboard. When questioned about the upcoming races and the potential competition, “

Is there someone similar to Joey Logano who could unexpectedly win and advance, that we may not have considered?

Byron emphasized the strengths of his team, saying, “I am not concerned with the other teams in the playoffs. Our main focus is on playing to our strengths.”

Looking back on the season, Byron recognized that while the previous year was full of surprises, this year appeared to have clearer distinctions between fast and slower teams. However, he remained confident that any of the eight playoff contenders had the potential to come out on top, highlighting the intense competition within the sport.

Byron added, “Last year was very unpredictable. I feel like this year, it’s a little more set and stone with who’s fast, but I would say any of the eight that make it are probably well qualified to win there,”

Logano has been effectively removed from the category of top contenders for winning.

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William Byron discusses his potential for winning the championship and frames it as a challenge against himself.

When asked about how he made it to Phoenix Raceway and the Championship Four, despite his team’s strong performance and bonus points, Byron’s answer was straightforward: “It’s basically a battle against ourselves. We have to execute our races well and deliver top-five performances, which we know we’re capable of. However, the point margins are very tight.”

He explained his determined and short-term perspective, stating, “To be honest, I haven’t given much thought to anything beyond Las Vegas. Right now, my focus is on this weekend. After that, we’re really honing in on Vegas. And then there’s a bit of preparation for Homestead as well. It’s difficult not to solely focus on the current week in this situation.”

As the final race at Phoenix Raceway approaches, do you believe Byron has a shot at becoming the Cup Series champion?

The ongoing issues affecting both drivers have been overlooked as William Byron defends Chase Elliott’s actions.

Despite the persistent problems faced by both drivers, William Byron is standing by Chase Elliott and his decisions.

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