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Gordon Ryan issues a warning to his rival Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa after defeating Patrick Gaudio, saying he is still hungry for more. He also mentions that there will be severe consequences for Barbosa.

GSP, known as one of the top UFC fighters ever, is highly skilled in all areas of combat and has exceptional jiu-jitsu abilities. Despite his confidence in facing most opponents, he holds great respect for one man in particular when it comes to BJJ. Gordon Ryan, a world-renowned ADCC champion, is widely regarded as the best BJJ practitioner in the world and even GSP has reservations about facing him.

Ryan has been a dominant name in the world of BJJ. He has been trained by one of the greatest MMA and BJJ artists of all time, John Danaher, who also trained GSP. Gordon Ryan’s career statistics stand at 93-5-3 which is quite impressive considering that he has been the champ and has tussled with some of the greats. His next fight is against a highly esteemed opponent and ‘King’ Ryan has a message for him.

Gordon Ryan has a strong desire for an increased amount.

Gordon ‘King’ Ryan is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished grapplers in history, and for good reason. His technique is flawless and he leaves little opportunity for his opponents to catch their breath. He has a remarkable ability to turn a disadvantageous position into an advantageous one, giving him the upper hand in a match. At WNO 20, Ryan made a triumphant comeback, defeating Patrick Gaudio with an armbar to retain his heavyweight title. His upcoming fight against Lucas Barbosa has already been announced and is set to take place on November 30th. Once again, ‘King’ Ryan will be defending his title.

In 2019, the two fighters faced each other in a challenging match. Despite the difficulty, Ryan emerged as the victor. Now, he is preparing to fight Barbosa for a rematch. While Ryan’s skill in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is widely recognized, defeating a well-known fighter like Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa twice would be a significant accomplishment. Recently, Ryan posted the official announcement of their November fight with a message for his opponent, stating:Rip“.

“I am in awe of the BJJ GOAT, Gordon Ryan, who confidently predicted his win at WNO 20 and shared a photo with Conor McGregor’s $600M business, leaving fans impressed rather than angry.”

Ryan has faced several controversies involving medications and the use of steroids. He has also battled medical issues that required hospitalization. However, he made a successful return and emerged victorious in his WNO 20 fight, putting him back in the spotlight.

Will Gordon Ryan be joining the UFC? Is there a potential matchup with Georges St-Pierre in the works?

Exciting updates await UFC and combat sports enthusiasts as the upcoming UFC Fight Pass Invitational unites athletes from various sports and promotions for a competitive event.

This upcoming event will showcase the comeback of UFC great Georges St-Pierre, who will be facing off against multiple opponents. There is speculation that Nick Diaz may also make a return to the ring for this event. Another name being rumored to compete is Gordon ‘King’ Ryan, though there has been no official confirmation as of now.


Georges St-Pierre has openly stated that the one opponent he does not want to face is Gordon Ryan. If Ryan participates in the UFC Fight Pass Invitational with GSP, there may come a time when they have to face each other.

Who do you think will emerge as the winner? Who will you place your highest bet on and for what reason? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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