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Golf enthusiasts were left completely shocked when, before the Long Drive Championship, the two-time winner made a significant declaration.

Kyle Berkshire is not your typical professional golfer. While he may not have a plethora of PGA Tour victories or major tournament triumphs, his impressive long drives may leave even top players like Rory McIlroy feeling envious.

Currently, the top-ranked participant at Rochelle for the World Long Drive Championship is preparing to surpass the current long drive world record. However, before this event, the 26-year-old golf player achieved another record, causing a stir among online users.

Kyle Berkshire flexes his muscle power

Similar to Berkshire, the World Long Drive Championship stands out from your typical tournament. Unlike the PGA Tour, DP World Tours, or LIV Golf, this competition assesses a golfer’s ability based on how far they can hit the ball. The designated landing area for shots is a range of 40-60 yards, and the courses do not have traditional sections like fairways, greens, and roughs.

The reigning champion, Berkshire, is poised to surpass his previous record this year. There are only a handful of individuals who can even come close to matching his impressive strength. In addition to breaking the long-distance shooting record, he has also set a new world record for shooting at an incredibly fast speed.

In a video by Nuclr Golf, the current World Long Drive champion can be observed powerfully hitting the ball at an impressive 241.6 mph. This surpasses his previous record of 233.4 mph. To understand the magnitude of this feat, the average ball speed on the PGA Tour is only 172.95 mph.

Internet users were not surprised when the video quickly became popular today. Some were impressed by the strength of the shot, while others found it amusing. A few were still caught up in the excitement of the Ryder Cup and wondered if the shot would have ended up in the bunker or rough.

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What is the reaction of the fans to the winner of the Long Drive Championship?

The force behind the kick left one spectator pondering the distance the ball would have traveled.

The recently finished Ryder Cup demonstrated the significance of hitting the ball onto the fairways, especially if it doesn’t make it onto the greens. This fan likely had that thought in mind.

A different user made a similar joke about how they would have gotten a bogey on the hole. It’s important to mention that Long Drive professionals prepare for various results.

A user found humor in the setting as a golfer was seen shooting in a conference room with a supportive audience.

Is there a similarity between the current Long Drive champion and PGA Tour pro Aaron Baddeley? A fan believes so, possibly due to the similar appearance of their flowing hair.

Rory McIlroy, who currently holds the second rank, is renowned for his impressive long tee shots. His longest drive so far has reached an incredible distance of 427 yards. One fan was intrigued by this and wondered about McIlroy’s shot speed. According to official records, the four-time Major champion shot at a speed of 190.59 mph at the 2022 DP World Tour Championship.

The World Long Drive Championship will take place at Rochelle Ranch Golf Course. The current longest drive record is held by Mike Austin, who hit a distance of 515 yards at the age of 65 in 1975. Will Berkshire be able to surpass this record that has stood for almost fifty years? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Golf enthusiasts were shocked when the two-time champion made a bold statement before the Long Drive Championship, leaving them in disbelief. The post was published on EssentiallySports.