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“Francis Ngannou warns Tyson Fury of the potential consequences if he chooses to fight Oleksandr Usyk in December, with only 29 days remaining until the former UFC star’s showdown.”

Francis Ngannou

“I am certain that Tyson Fury will face a tough challenge from me,” says Ngannou, the former UFC fighter who has been dedicating himself to training for his upcoming fight against the undefeated boxer. It will be a first for Ngannou to compete in a boxing match, and opinions are split on who will come out on top. However, Ngannou himself seems highly confident in his abilities.

Many new developments are arising ahead of the Ngannou fight. Recently, Fury revealed that he has agreed to participate in another match following the Ngannou fight. While supporters have mixed responses, ‘The Predator’ playfully intimidates his opponent. He shared his tweet below.

Francis Ngannou appears to have confidence in his abilities even before the start of his performance.

Francis Ngannou has undergone significant evolution as a fighter throughout his career. Upon entering the UFC, he quickly established himself as one of the most feared heavyweights in the sport.every other fighter

I desired to challenge Ngannou in the ring. His powerful knockouts gained notoriety and he quickly became well-known. Francis Ngannou departed from the UFC to improve his career in various ways. As he prepares for his upcoming fight against Tyson Fury in October, his self-assurance is at an all-time high.

Tyson Fury recently announced on Instagram that he has officially agreed to another fight. The specific date for the match has yet to be determined, but both fans and Ngannou speculate that it could take place in either December or January. Fury also revealed that he will be facing Oleksandr Usyk shortly after his bout with Ngannou.

The previous champion of UFC believes that Fury’s decision to return to boxing so soon after their October fight is not wise. In a tweet, he expressed his confusion over how Fury can fight in December despite the anticipated outcome of their upcoming match on 10/28. It is clear that the former UFC champion is ready for a fight.

Ngannou is clearly stating his intention to defeat Fury in their next match and potentially prevent a rematch within a few months. Even if this does not happen, not many fighters can follow in Israel Adesanya’s footsteps and compete multiple times in a year, let alone within a few months. In the meantime, Ngannou is training with renowned boxer Mike Tyson and maintaining a positive attitude.

The target of ‘The Predator’ is set on ‘The Gypsy King’.

Not long after the news of the Fury-Usyk fight was announced, Ngannou posted a brief message on his social media account. The PFL fighter shared a training video with a message for all those watching the ongoing saga of the Fury fight. He stated, “I have faced underestimation and doubt in the past. Let’s see what happens.”


On October 28th, Francis Ngannou plans to use his boxing gloves to defeat Fury in their upcoming match. Both fighters have been vocal about the fight, with Ngannou discussing his training and the significance of defeating Fury. While ‘The Gypsy King’ has acknowledged that it will not be a simple fight despite his experience.

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Yet, there is still a split among fans regarding this matter. Even though Ngannou possesses formidable punching ability, he lacks professional boxing experience. Can his natural abilities be enough to propel him to victory in the ring? It is perhaps too early to determine. The match will take place in Riyad, Saudi Arabia for viewers to witness. Are you as enthusiastic as Ngannou? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Francis Ngannou has warned Tyson Fury about the potential consequences of taking a fight with Oleksandr Usyk in December, with only 29 days left until his showdown with the former UFC star. The post was titled “How Tyson Can Fight in December” and was published on EssentiallySports.