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“Following the successful U2 event at the Sphere, Dana White announces his intention to host next year’s UFC event for Mexican Independence Day at the $2.3 billion venue, promising an amazing show.”

The MSG Sphere, a new arena in Las Vegas, was launched by The Madison Square Garden Company and Las Vegas Sands Corporation. On September 29th, the Irish rock band ‘U2’ was the first to perform at the venue. UFC CEO Dana White has expressed interest in hosting UFC events there in the future.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) had a major triumph with Noche UFC, their largest Fight Night event to date. Despite some controversy surrounding its conclusion, the event brought in over $2 million in gate revenue. As a result, Dana White is considering bringing it back next year. Let’s take a look at his remarks on the matter.

Dana White is considering hosting UFC 2 at the MSG Sphere.

At the recent press conference for the Contender Series, Dana White announced his desire to host another event on Mexican Independence Day. He hopes to make this a regular occurrence and stated, “It’s no secret that I want that date. That’s my goal.”

Additionally, Dana White stated that the UFC competition on Mexican Independence Day will occur in Las Vegas once more. However, he envisions using the MSG Sphere as the location for this event. “I hope to have the Mexican Independence Day celebration there. Just imagine the spectacle I can create at the Sphere for this special day,” expressed the leader of UFC.

Additionally, the former UFC president who is now the CEO expresses enthusiasm for this concept. Dana White even assured members of the media at the press conference that he would deliver one of the top UFC events at the MSG Sphere.

Joe Rogan and Sean O’Malley argue for the creation of a new super heavyweight division in the UFC, with Rogan stating that he doesn’t know anyone who currently has this type of weight class.

“We are going to put on an amazing show in that incredible arena for the upcoming Mexican Independence Day. I am extremely excited about it,” said the 54-year-old event organizer. He also expressed his admiration for the individuals responsible for constructing the impressive arena.


The MSG Sphere project has been praised by the CEO of UFC.

Madison Square Garden has already established itself as the most recognized and popular arena in the world. From sporting events to music concerts, the crowd at the arena has seen it all. However, Dana White believes that building the $2.3 billion-worth MSG Sphere is the biggest thing the arena makers have ever done.


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According to Dana White (6:43), the feedback he’s received suggests that the team at MSG has hit a major success with the launch of the Sphere. He also recognized the Madison Square Garden Company for their expertise in constructing arenas, stating that they are among the largest and most reputable in the industry.

The MSG Sphere, which is less than a week old, leaves much to be discovered about its potential in the future. With Dana White’s interest in hosting UFC events there, it is possible that other combat sports such as boxing and WWE may also be held there. Only time will tell how things unfold in the upcoming days and months.

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After the U2 event at Sphere, Dana White announced his intention to host next year’s UFC event for Mexican Independence Day at the $2.3B structure, promising an incredible show.