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Following KSI’s Confident Statements Supported by Anthony Joshua, Ryan Garcia Criticizes “Seven-Headed Beast” and Issues Terrifying Threat.

As the highly anticipated showdown between YouTuber KSI and professional boxer Tommy Fury draws near, both remain in the spotlight. The date set for their fight is October 14th, 2023. Despite multiple attempts, the British YouTuber has not impressed fans with his training. However, the hype surrounding the upcoming fight is not the only thing grabbing attention. KSI has made a bold claim that he can defeat well-known boxer Ryan Garcia, a statement that many fans are skeptical of.

A recent video from DAZN’s YouTube channel featured a game where Anthony Joshua and KSI evaluated the accuracy of different statements. One statement involved KSI potentially fighting Ryan Garcia, which KSI confirmed to be true. Surprisingly, even Joshua agreed with KSI’s statement. However, the video received negative reactions from fans. Additionally, there is a heated rivalry between the two fighters that is making headlines. Now, ‘King Ry’ has suggested a showdown to end the commotion surrounding this beef.


Ryan Garcia has ultimately rejected the trend of YouTubers transitioning into the world of boxing.

The ongoing feud between KSI and ‘King Ry’ has recently escalated and a Fight Hub TV video provides a summary. According to sources, Garcia expressed criticism towards the YouTuber-turned-boxer on his Twitter account. Ryan Garcia is accusing KSI of holding unwarranted animosity towards him.

According to Garcia, KSI would not be able to endure a fight against him as he has previously boasted. Garcia refers to KSI as a “7 head monster” and advises him to refrain from mentioning his name. In a tweet, Garcia states that KSI is unreasonably upset with him and clarifies that KSI cannot go the full distance in a fight against him, as he had claimed. Garcia also reiterates that KSI should stop mentioning his name.


Garcia is frustrated that KSI consistently uses his name. He reached out to KSI through Instagram direct message and asked him to either fight or stop mentioning him. Garcia’s message read, “If you want to fight me, let me know or stop using my name.” To understand the reason for this conflict, one must look back at past events where Garcia reportedly made a disrespectful statement about KSI.


When the apparent rivalry between ‘King Ry’ and KSI began,

The public is aware of the strained relationship between British YouTuber KSI and Garcia, as they have been publicly exchanging insults through social media and interviews for a few months. During Garcia’s appearance on the IMPAULSIVE podcast with hosts Mike Maljak and George Janko, he was questioned about a possible fight between KSI and Jake Paul. Garcia confidently stated that Jake Paul would defeat KSI due to KSI’s aggressive fighting style.

KSI quickly replied to Garcia’s remarks on Twitter. He disregarded Garcia’s viewpoint by noting that Garcia had previously ranked YouTuber Faze Temper, who KSI had defeated, higher than himself. KSI’s tweet stated, “This is the same person who ranked Faze Temper above me…His words hold no weight lol.”

Anthony Joshua has expressed support for KSI, stating that he would not even stand a chance against Jake Paul. This has caused KSI’s claim of being able to defeat Ryan Garcia to become insignificant in the world of boxing.

KSI made waves when he declared that he could defeat Ryan Garcia. In response, Garcia issued a challenge to KSI on both Twitter and Instagram. The ongoing feud is fueled by social media. “King Ry” has doubts about KSI’s abilities. On the other hand, the YouTuber-turned-boxer questions Garcia’s integrity, causing tension to escalate. As spectators, we can only anticipate the direction this verbal dispute will take.

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After KSI made confident statements supported by Anthony Joshua, Ryan Garcia brutally criticizes the “7 Head Monster” and issues a chilling threat on EssentiallySports.