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Following a tragic event, the Nigerian lion weighing 330 lbs faced challenges in winning last year’s Olympia competition. However, he remains hopeful for a different outcome this time.

Samson Dauda, famously known as The Nigereon Lion, impressed the world of bodybuilding

He made an impressive debut at the Olympia, showcasing his remarkable physique.Mr. Olympia

In 2022, he made a name for himself in the Men’s open division and impressed audiences with his amazing skills. He rose to fame in 2018 and has been closely watched since then. He obtained his Pro card at the EVLS Prague Pro competition. However, the Mr. Olympia event in the previous year faced backlash for running longer than planned. Samson Dauda expressed that he could have won if this issue had not occurred and shared a video detailing his experience.


Samson Dauda hopes to have a competition without any obstacles this year.

However, the massive 330-pound individual revisited this issue once more. He posted on Instagram and reflected on the problem he encountered in 2022. In his video, he expressed his hope that the same misfortune does not occur this year.


According to Dauda’s Instagram story:, “

I am optimistic that this Olympia event will not encounter the same issue. We will not have to spend four hours waiting backstage before our turn. Therefore, we can plan our schedule more efficiently. I will also not have to endure the tedious wait before going on stage.
He further said, “

In the current state of mind, everything revolves around strategizing and planning for gameplay.

The 31-year-old bodybuilder is fully equipped to take home the victory this year.

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Since last year, he has been demonstrating his progress. Milos Sarcev, a professional coach for the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, also revealed his transformation compared to his physique at the Arnold Classic earlier this year. Fans have been amazed by the changes. However, Dauda’s admission about the past year has sparked curiosity among people about what exactly happened when he received criticism. Samson addressed this by creating a video and explaining the full story about the competition from the previous year.

The athletes waited for more than 4 hours at Mr. O’s.

He discussed the exact details of what went awry and the reasons behind it.

It could have been improved.. The timing for the event was scheduled for 6 p.m., and even after 11 p.m., it didn’t start. Dauda said, “

We spent the entire time backstage waiting. We sat and waited, and then finally, it was time for us to go on stage at 10 o’clock, even though we were told to be ready by 7 o’clock.

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This type of situation can happen and it’s important to be ready for it.”

Dauda elaborated on the possibility of this type of situation arising and stressed the importance of being prepared for it. He emphasized, “It’s crucial to be equipped for such scenarios.”

As a sports competitor, it is your responsibility to be prepared for any situation. It is expected of you to maintain a high level of professionalism. You should anticipate the worst and strive for the best.

Is there a difference between this year’s game and last year’s? Who do you believe has a higher likelihood of winning this year’s competition? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Unfortunately, a recent event hindered the 330-pound Nigerian lion’s chances of winning last year’s Olympia. However, he is optimistic that this time around will bring a different outcome. This post was originally published on EssentiallySports.