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Five years later, after calling his profession a “dishonest game”, Damian Lillard expresses support for a 34-year-old Chicago Bulls star, saying “He’s my brother, for real.”

Although the NBA is known for its intense competition, the bonds between players off the court are truly remarkable. This was evident when Damian Lillard showed his brotherly affection for a 34-year-old Chicago Bulls player. Surprisingly, this was not their first encounter as the point guard had previously shown support for him 5 years ago.

Five years ago, Dame referred to his colleague’s trade as a “dirty game” in order to express disapproval of the action. Despite this, it appears that their relationship has not been affected as it was evident during the pre-season.

What was Damian Lillard’s statement regarding the star player of the Chicago Bulls?

The first preseason game for the Milwaukee Bucks was against the Chicago Bulls. Prior to the match, Bulls’ star player DeMar DeRozan caught up with his old friend, Lillard, and they bonded off the court. The two greeted each other with a handshake and then spent some time chatting while the team’s media crew captured the special moment.


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At 33 years old, the player savored the moment before making his debut with his new team. He later posted the video with the words “My Brother Fr,” expressing his admiration and gratitude towards DeRozan. This exchange caught the league’s attention and reminded fans of the support Damian received five years ago.

After being traded by the Toronto Raptors to the San Antonio Spurs, DeMar spoke out against the unfairness of the move. He publicly denounced the Canadian organization with the statement “It’s a Dirty Game.” As a result, the recent display of solidarity between the two superstars was expected and celebrated by NBA fans.

Life beyond the sleek wooden surface

The recent All-Stars event highlighted the personal lives of basketball players outside of the court. In the competitive world of the NBA, the pressure on these icons increases every season. However, amidst their pursuit of success, fans often overlook their humanity.

Unhappy fans of the Warriors are criticizing Stephen Curry and his team for their decision to face off against tough players like Jokic and AD, fearing that they may be bullied.

Hence, occasions like this serve as a reminder of a certain aspect of the league. It prompts us to recall the challenges that players frequently face before they can unwind. This particular occurrence was not any different, as the pair had to immediately distance themselves from each other once the game began.

Lillard’s actions for DeRozan have become a standard for athletes worldwide. As their bond continues to strengthen, fans can only wish for it to remain unchanged.

“Former teammates of LeBron James believe that he has an advantage over Steph Curry for winning his 5th championship, especially since Kevin Durant is not playing.”

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