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Fans of Verstappen are coming up with far-fetched theories after being prompted by a tweet from Taylor Swift that includes a surprising connection to Sophie Turner.

Were you aware that the Queen of chart-topping albums and the Queen in the North are actually friends? In simpler terms, did you know that Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner share a close bond that led them to have a girls’ night out in New York City? At first glance, it might seem like the only thing they have in common is their past relationship with Joe Jonas. Swift dated and split with Jonas in 2008, while Turner was married to him until recently. However, when the two were spotted hanging out in NYC a few days ago, fans speculated that they were planning revenge on “Mr. Perfectly Fine.” But there’s more to their meeting than just that. It turns out there may also be a connection to Max Verstappen!

On October 27th, Taylor Swift revealed that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) would be released in early August. For those who may not know, the singer is currently re-recording her albums prior to “Lover.” Along with each re-release, she is also sharing previously unreleased songs, known as “From the Vault.” To promote these new tracks for 1989 (TV), she partnered with Google to create anagram puzzles. A total of 89 puzzles needed to be solved globally 33 million times to unveil the song titles. This added a unique aspect to the announcement.

In 2015, Sophie Turner, along with her co-stars from the Marvel X-Men franchise, attended the Canadian GP. Which team extended an invitation to them? The answer is Red Bull Racing. At the time, Max Verstappen was in his rookie season, racing for Toro Rosso (now known as AlphaTauri), but he was still a driver for Red Bull. Fans started to wonder if Turner’s relationship with Verstappen had any influence on Taylor Swift’s rumored connection to the team.

Can’t reword

Prior to the 2021 season, Verstappen’s number in racing was 33. However, he did not hold the title of world champion at that time. Interestingly, pop artist Taylor Swift also has a connection to the number 33, as she chose to announce her ‘From the Vault’ songs when her global sales reached 33 million. This connection was pointed out by Twitter user Taylor Swift: Eras Tour, formerly known as X.

“Why 33 million puzzles?”

Fans of F1 and Verstappen seized the chance and took action!

Oh no! Taylor is a fan of Verstappen.

One possible explanation for the selection of 33 million is that it is the current number of Swift’s followers. The letter “m” is often used to represent million and also happens to be the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, which is Swift’s lucky number. As a result, 33 million was chosen. However, when fans of Taylor Swift and Verstappen were given the chance to find any connections between the two, they eagerly took it.

Taylor Swift creates music for a global audience, while Max Verstappen’s supporters craft songs specifically for him. In addition to this,

“Maximum, Maximum, Maximum, Super Maximum!” anthem, there’s another equally famous one. It’s called “33 Max Verstappen.”

Many fans mentioned this when responding to the Swift fan and wrote the melody of the song.

A different admirer shared an image of Swift sporting a Red Bull t-shirt, noting her support for both the energy drink and driver Verstappen.

Another user simply wrote how Swift is a Verstappen fan like it’s the most commonly known fact about her. ‘Taylor Swift loves Verstappen’ trumps ‘Taylor Swift loves cats.’

What was your opinion on the connection between Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner, and Max Verstappen?

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Taylor Swift’s tweet caused Max Verstappen’s fans to come up with outlandish theories linking Sophie Turner.