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Fans are declaring that Alexander Volkanovski will deliver a fate unlike any other to undefeated Ilia Topuria after rumors of a featherweight title fight for UFC 297.

Alexander Volkanovski is undeniably one of the most proficient fighters to have ever graced the featherweight division. His UFC featherweight belt and astonishing record as a fighter are a testament to his prowess. However, lurking in the dark alleyways of UFC, there exists a contender with the potential to rival his greatness, and that contender is none other than Ilia Topuria.

Following the decline of a rematch request from Islam Makhachev’s team, Alexander Volkanovski was left without an opponent. However, the featherweight champion recently took to Twitter to suggest that January could be a feasible timeframe for a fight. This has led to speculation about a potential match-up between the unbeaten Ili Topuria and Volkanovski.

Fans are eagerly anticipating a potential showdown between Alexander Volkanovski and Ilia Topuria.

Alexander Volkanovski’s journey as a fighter reads like a captivating fairy tale, marked by just a solitary defeat to none other than Islam Makhachev, who astonishingly allowed himself to be dominated by Volkanovski throughout the entire match. ‘Volk’ proudly showcases an unblemished record as a fighter, holding the distinction of being the longest-reigning featherweight champion. The potential clash with Ilia Topuria promises to be a spectacle worth watching.

On the other hand, Topuria has established himself as a dominant presence in the world of UFC, making a name for himself in the early 2020s. As of October, he remains undefeated in the UFC, with an impressive streak of six consecutive wins. The upcoming fight between Topuria and Volkanovski is expected to generate a lot of anticipation and enthusiasm among fans of combat sports. It is being considered as the potential main event for UFC 297, promising to be an exciting spectacle that will capture the attention of fans.

After the announcement of their potential match, fans were filled with excitement and shared their opinions on the internet. Some of the fan comments are listed below:


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Ilia loss via “tattoo of yourself on your chest” curse

Volk washes the floor with homie. Can’t wait

Alex plans to physically harm him. I am considering traveling to Canada for the first time.

I predict that Ilia will defeat Volk, similar to the Conor vs Aldo fight. Volk is the reigning champion, but many doubt Ilia’s abilities. Just like Conor, Ilia has an undefeated record in featherweight. It seems that history is repeating itself.


The curse of Ilia created by EA.


Topuria has no chance of winning in this situation. Volk is in a league of their own.

“I have no regard for this type of individual” – Michael Chandler receives criticism for calling out Nate Diaz without a potential fight against Conor McGregor on the horizon.

Based on the responses of the supporters, it is evident that they are eagerly anticipating the upcoming match, as it has been a hot topic for quite some time. With fans sharing their diverse views and predictions on the outcome of the match, it will be intriguing to see Volkanovski face off against Topuria. However, the match has not been finalized yet and there is a possibility that ‘Volk’ may have a different opponent.

Who will be Alexander Volkanovski’s next challenger: Islam Makhachev or Ilia Topuria?

Alexander Volkanovski has been eagerly pursuing a rematch with Islam Makhachev for a considerable amount of time. Their previous fight was a fierce one, with Makhachev ultimately winning by unanimous decision. However, Makhachev’s attention is currently on defending his Lightweight championship against his long-standing opponent, Charles Oliveira, at the upcoming UFC 294.

There is a chance for an unexpected turn of events in the present circumstances, as there may be a fight between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski. Yet, there have been no formal announcements as of now. There is speculation about whether Volkanovski will compete against Islam Makhachev or Ilia Topuria in his upcoming match. Feel free to share your thoughts on who Alex Volkanovski should face next in the comments section.

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Fans are declaring that Alexander Volkanovski will give an unprecedented fate to undefeated fighter Ilia Topuria after rumors of a featherweight title fight for UFC 297.