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During the pandemic of 2020, while Stephen Curry took on the role of teacher, his wife Ayesha revealed that she developed tendencies of OCD, describing herself as “a little bit neurotic”.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 greatly impacted every corner of the world. No one was left unaffected. The extended period of quarantine had a significant impact on individuals, altering their daily routines. While some individuals, such as Stephen Curry, utilized this time to explore new opportunities, his wife Ayesha struggled with the challenges of the situation.

The year 2020 brought challenges for both the general public and famous individuals. Ayesha Curry, for example, found herself struggling during this period while her husband took on additional duties.

Stephen Curry’s wife reveals difficulties during the pandemic

The spread of coronavirus caused a pause in all areas, including lucrative industries and sports competitions. Even professional leagues such as the NFL, MLB, and NBA were affected.

Ayesha Curry, wife of Steph Curry, revealed that she keeps track of her children using Apple Watches and once caught her daughter Riley stealing, saying “No smartwatch until you’re in high school.”

During a previous interview on The Real Daytime, the spouse of the Golden State Warriors’ guard discussed the impact it had on her and her loved ones. In the 2020 interview, Ayesha was questioned about how she was coping with the quarantine alongside her family.

When questioned about what was causing her frustration during the difficult times, Ayesha responded, “I believe I am causing my own frustration. Nobody in this household can seem to keep things clean and it is driving me to the brink of insanity.”

“I have been obsessively cleaning because it’s the only way I feel like I have some control during this time. Yesterday, I vacuumed under my stove with the vacuum hose. I may be a bit neurotic, but at least my house is much cleaner now.”


How the Curry family survived COVID-19.

The pandemic challenged individuals in unforeseen ways, affecting everyone regardless of their safety. As a result, while some individuals experienced the loss of their businesses, others found opportunities to start new ventures, providing hope for a better future.

During the interview, Ayesha described moments where she felt overwhelmed, while her husband stepped up as the primary educator for their oldest daughter, Riley.

Despite any potential challenges, she expressed gratitude and joy for her children’s good health. She chose not to dwell on any complaints. In that moment, the well-being of her loved ones was her top priority.

Fortunately, the Curry family emerged from the pandemic unscathed and in good health.

“Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha, shares a frightening experience during her daughter’s birth where medical intervention was necessary. She recalls having to utilize a tube and consult with specialists.”

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