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During the LIV Golf Jeddah tournament, Captain Phil Mickelson stopped the practice of betting on golf shots known as the “Drop Zone” crisis by following the Golden Rule.

Phil Mickelson has been in the public eye for a significant amount of time in the realm of golf. He has faced scrutiny for his decision to join the Saudi-supported league, as well as for his gambling behaviors and accusations. This criticism has followed him both on and off the course.

However, despite facing challenges, the professional has persevered and demonstrated his skills on the golf course. Recently, the LIV golfer offered advice on the sport before a crucial event in Jeddah, in hopes of aiding his followers in avoiding risky shots. Intrigued?

Golfer Phil Mickelson gives guidance to a supporter.

The captain of the HyFlyers GC has had a challenging year with only four top-20 finishes, one of which was a second place at the 2023 Masters Tournament with a score of 280 (-8). Additionally, his gambling habits were brought into the public eye, damaging his professional reputation. Despite this, he has not let it deter him from the sport, as his recent social media post caught his fans off guard.

The official Instagram accounts of LIV Golf and HyFlyers GC shared a video featuring a 53-year-old giving driving advice to a fan. Mickelson explained his technique of focusing on the “front-leg push” when hitting the ball off the tee.

The winner of 45 PGA Tour championships showed the impact of slightly adjusting the position of the toes while swinging. His first drive reached a speed of 164 mph with a regular swing, but when he used his toes to push off the front leg, the ball went even faster on his second try. This small change in technique made a significant difference in the speed of the ball.


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This post was shared by LIV Golf League on their Instagram page.

The golfer who has won 6 major tournaments will likely use the same strategy on the course during the competition in Jeddah. He may also give his teammate James Piot the same advice, as Piot is currently in 47th place in the season standings and could potentially lose his LIV Golf status for 2024 if he does not perform well and falls into the “Drop Zone.”

According to recent news, golfer Paige Spiranac’s fellow competitor, Karin Hart, made a bold statement about Patrick Reed, which caused amusing reactions from fans.

It is admirable how the golfer takes great care and uses advanced methods in his gameplay to succeed. However, it is clear that he does not apply the same caution in his personal life, particularly with his gambling habits.

Mickelson’s penchant for gambling.

The LIV professional was a well-known gambler with a lengthy track record. He was particularly known for placing bets on a variety of things, including sports. A notable incident involved “Lefty” betting over $1 billion on various sporting events, such as the 2012 Ryder Cup where he wagered $400,000 on Europe’s victory with a score of 14.5 to 13.5.

Additionally, there are accusations that the golfer has experienced significant financial losses over the last ten years. While the amount of money lost may seem insignificant compared to his yearly earnings, it has still tarnished the reputation of one of the top golfers of this time period.

What is your opinion on Phil Mickelson’s video? Do you believe he will have more success in Jeddah? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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At the LIV Golf Jeddah event, team captain Phil Mickelson stopped the practice of betting on golf shots, referred to as the ‘Drop Zone’ crisis, by Hyflyer. The decision was made in accordance with the Golden Rule.