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During a $204,000,000 transfer, Charles Leclerc admits to being responsible for Ferrari’s failures.

Have you heard of the preferred book among racing drivers? This book is widely utilized by every driver throughout their career and even after it. It’s titled “101 Reasons why it wasn’t my fault.” It is uncommon for an F1 driver to take ownership for their mistakes, often shifting the blame onto something or someone else. No one will ever find out, right? However, Charles Leclerc is an exception. The driver from Monaco shockingly admitted to bearing the responsibility for Ferrari’s failures as the $204 million speculation continued.

Carlos Sainz has come out as the better-performing Ferrari driver since the summer break ended. Charles Leclerc on the other hand seems to be struggling in the car. Speculations have been going around of Ferrari offering Charles Leclerc a 5-year contract extension that will see him race until the end of the 2029 season. What’s more? The 5-year contract is believed to be worth $204 Million. But is it advisable for Ferrari to sign the recently struggling Leclerc?

The final decision rests with Ferrari, not us. We are aware that Charles Leclerc recently discussed his challenges with the SF-23. Instead of blaming the car’s design or characteristics, he took ownership of the difficulties he has been experiencing with the Ferrari.

Per, Charles Leclerc stated, “I have always been pushing the limits of the rear end.” He further remarked, “However, I do not like making excuses. Ultimately, I am the driver and responsible for setting up the car. It was my decision to have a strong front at the start of the season, even though the car may not have been able to handle it due to inconsistency. Therefore, it is still my fault. I am aware of my mistakes and why they occurred.”

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Leclerc assumed accountability for the features of the SF23 and stated that it was his decision to proceed with the choice to configure the car in its current state. However, this was not always the attitude that Leclerc had towards the SF23.

At the beginning of the season, Charles Leclerc expressed his frustration with the SF23.

At the beginning of the season, the SF23 car experienced significant tire wear issues. Charles Leclerc, known for his aggressive driving style and skilled qualifying abilities, described the car as challenging to handle. As a result, there were several accidents caused by the combination of the car’s tricky nature and Leclerc’s determination to push its limits.

Charles Leclerc

On April 29, 2023, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc will compete in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix at the Baku City Circuit in Baku, Azerbaijan. He will participate in the sprint shootout event.

The Guardian reported that Charles Leclerc stated his mindset is to always give his maximum effort and not hold back. He acknowledges that when driving a more challenging car, mistakes can occur. He also mentioned that when he feels something is lacking, he will continue to push himself to the limit.

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What is your opinion on Leclerc shouldering the blame for Ferrari?

Charles Leclerc has recently revealed that he shoulders the responsibility for the disappointing performances of Ferrari, despite their significant $204 million investment.