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“Do not become overconfident”: Conor McGregor faces backlash from fans after making bold statements without a return date in sight.

The uncertainty regarding Conor McGregor’s potential return to the UFC is increasing as no official date has been announced. Despite this, ‘The Notorious’ continues to make bold statements. In a recent tweet, the former two-division champion claimed he could easily defeat anyone on the UFC’s roster. However, fans were quick to dismiss his claim.

Conor McGregor last fought in the UFC over two years ago. He lost the fight against Dustin Poirier and injured his leg that night. Since then, he’s healed from the injury and is waiting to get back inside the Octagon. However, there is no official announcement yet, but the Irishman still believes that he can beat anyone even when he has suffered losses in his last few fights.

Conor McGregor made yet another bold claim

It appears that the ex-dual title holder continues to make unconventional statements on social media without restraint. In addition to mocking Justin Gaethje’s BMF victory and Alexander Volkanovski’s pound-for-pound rating, he has now made another assertion. Conor McGregor has declared to his supporters that he can easily defeat any of their preferred fighters.

Conor McGregor stated that facing your preferred fighter would be an easy task for him. He also uploaded some images of himself training in the boxing ring, focusing on his striking abilities. Now, let’s see how fans responded to McGregor’s statement on Twitter.

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Supporters of ‘The Notorious’ were unmercifully reminded of his actions.

Fans were not pleased with Conor McGregor’s recent statement. They reminded him that he should stay grounded, as he has not emerged victorious in any of his recent matches.

Likewise, a fan pointed out to the Irishman that Khabib Nurmagomedov completely controlled their fight.

However, some supporters noted that they were not aware that Conor McGregor is currently competing.

One fan said:

There were some speculations among fans about whether McGregor truly believes he can defeat Jon Jones as effortlessly as he has stated.

Furthermore, a fan stated that they would have trusted the Irishman’s recent assertion in the past.

A Twitter user (X) pointed out to Conor McGregor that his recent record renders his claim insignificant.

After a controversial post-fight interview, Conor McGregor reflects on his match against Nate Diaz and explains the concept of a 10-8 round.

Conor McGregor looks back on his bout with Nate Diaz and clarifies the meaning of a 10-8 round following a contentious post-fight discussion.

It is undeniable that Conor McGregor is a skilled fighter, boasting a record of 22 wins and 6 losses. However, there is growing speculation that he may be past his prime. At 35 years old, the former double champion may have limited time left at the pinnacle of his career. Despite this, McGregor is not yet ready to retire and is determined to make a comeback even stronger than before.

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