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“Did someone deceive him?” Stephen A. Smith suggests a possible conspiracy involving Damian Lillard’s trade by the Blazers.

After three months of a trade dispute, Damian Lillard finally left the Portland Trail Blazers, fulfilling his desire. However, NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith raised doubts about the honesty of the franchise in the whole ordeal.

He provoked further discussions by bringing up a possible conspiracy involving the Blazers. Even though it appeared to be over, the controversy was reignited.

What was Stephen A. Smith’s statement?

During the most recent episode of The Stephen A. Smith Show, the host expressed skepticism about the intentions of the NBA organization. The actions of the Blazers in handling the situation caused the 55-year-old to question, “Was he deceived?” Numerous individuals accused Damian of creating unnecessary drama in his pursuit to join the Miami Heat.

The TV host shifted the focus of the discussion and highlighted the one mistake Lillard made. “I believe he should have given them a list of potential teams,” commented Stephen A. He also considered the opposing perspective, noting that the Blazers’ GM Joe Cronin was hesitant to make a decision that could negatively impact the team’s future.

However, Smith showed no compassion for the team as he thought the 7-time All-Star had been deceived. Recent sources claim that the ex-Rookie of the Year even considered retracting his trade demand at one point. Nevertheless, Cronin was determined to get rid of their star player.

“Unhappy fans of the Warriors express their disappointment with Stephen Curry and the team for their decision to face bullying from Jokic or AD.”

Stephen A. emphasized the importance of having a more positive conversation, stating “We will make sure you are taken care of… You can go where you want to go.” This would have resulted in “a different conversation,” something that is not discussed often enough. As a result, the well-known figure brought up valid concerns that caused supporters to question one particular aspect.

Did Damian Lillard leave Portland against his will?

The situation began when Damian prioritized his own desires over his NBA team’s goals in his pursuit of winning the championship. At 33 years old, he sought a change and was drawn to the Heat’s strong culture. This decision caused a stir as Lillard ultimately joined the Milwaukee Bucks.

The deadly scorer ended up on a team with title potential, though it was not the one he originally desired. His move from the Western Conference to the Eastern Conference led him to a new team, as the Blazers remained open to finding a beneficial trade. Ultimately, both sides achieved their goals, but the member of the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team had to accept what was offered.

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Numerous sources have discussed the events that occurred privately among all parties involved. However, the exact details remain unknown. This is the aspect of the NBA that Stephen A. Smith highlighted as one we should not discuss.

Stephen A. Smith speculates about a possible conspiracy behind the Damian Lillard trade by the Blazers in his post, “Was He Lied To?” on EssentiallySports.