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“Denny Hamlin called out a driver from Team Penske for hypocrisy after being eliminated at Martinsville, stating it was disrespectful.”

On Sunday at Martinsville, Denny Hamlin had a strong car that could have potentially secured him a spot in the Championship 4. His crew performed exceptionally, his car raced well, and Hamlin himself was at the top of his game. However, his biggest obstacle was Team Penske, as Ryan Blaney and Joey Logano caused him trouble throughout the 500 laps and ultimately knocked him out of the race at sunset.

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Blaney collided head-on with Logano in an attempt to take the lead on the short track. However, Logano, a former champion, resorted to other tactics to cause chaos. It was clear that the driver of the #11 car for Joe Gibbs Racing was not pleased with this.

Denny Hamlin calls out Joey Logano for disrespecting drivers competing for the championship.


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The conflict between Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano originated from an episode that did not involve Hamlin himself, but rather his young teammate Ty Gibbs. Logano had forcefully pushed Gibbs’ #54 Camry from behind, causing him to be pushed out of the way in a surprising attack. This caught Hamlin’s attention and he immediately expressed his frustration over the radio, using strong words towards Logano. Despite finishing all three stages of the race, Hamlin emerged from his car feeling defeated in his battle against Ryan Blaney. However, he now had more time and words to delve into his true feelings about the incident involving Logano and Gibbs.

Realizing that Logano would be a major hypocrite, he stated, “If the situation were reversed, he would have a significant issue with it. I simply believed it was impolite towards the individuals who had worked hard to secure their spot in the top and those who were striving to reach the final 4. (…) I just found it to be disrespectful towards those who had earned the opportunity to compete for the championship.”

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The rivalry between Logano and Hamlin is a familiar occurrence at the Martinsville short-track. In 2019, tensions rose between the two following the First Data 500 race. Their post-race conversation seemed peaceful at first, but it soon turned hostile and resulted in Hamlin being knocked to the ground. However, enough time has passed and it seems that the two may be reigniting their camaraderie in Virginia once more.

Title: Truex Jr’s Championship Aspirations Crushed at Martinsville due to Unexpected Obstacles


Denny Hamlin is unsure of Joey Logano’s purpose in causing Ty Gibbs to crash.

Team Penske’s winning driver and Denny Hamlin used to be colleagues at Joe Gibbs Racing. There has always been tension between them from their past, and it seems to still be present in the current era. This was evident on Sunday when Hamlin spoke to Bob Pockrass about his problem with Logano’s actions towards Ty Gibbs.

He expressed frustration over Logano causing a collision between Ty and himself. He believed that there should have been more respect shown. He and Ryan Blaney were both competing for a spot in the Final Four and felt that they should have had the opportunity to race each other without interference from another driver.


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After leaving the race track, Hamlin shared on his podcast that he had sent a text to Logano to ask about the incident. He stated, “I texted Joey after the race and asked, ‘Why did you do that? Were you trying to hit him into me?'” Logano, who drives for Penske, responded and informed Hamlin about a long-standing conflict between Logano and Gibbs throughout the season. With a better understanding of the situation, Hamlin suggested that Ty Gibbs should be the first to offer reconciliation.


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By the end of the day, Hamlin established himself as a mediator between the two parties. Although he ultimately lost his spot in the Championship 4 to Logano’s teammate, Hamlin can find solace in knowing he was not a victim caught up in the conflict between two drivers who were not even competing for the championship.

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