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Cristiano Ronaldo has been banned from TikTok and has decided to end his use of Snapchat, refusing a fan’s request from Al Nassr.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most influential sports athletes in the world. He amassed 600 million followers on Instagram and created an extensive social media presence online. Ronaldo loves to post about his routines, Al Nassr club pictures, and family photographs. However, he received unexpected news from 

TikTok has banned his account and all associated notifications and comments have been returned.

Shortly after signing up for the social media site, the football player was placed under a limitation for unspecified reasons.

He later declined a fan’s request for a selfie because he does not use Snapchat and is not a fan of the platform. This caused confusion when someone recorded the amusing interaction and shared it on X.

Cristiano Ronaldo rejects a fan’s request for a selfie!

Fans are drawn to Ronaldo for selfies and photos while he travels in Saudi Arabia. He has been enjoying the experience of connecting with his fans.

He enjoys being around his fans.

However, a fan asked to take a selfie with him, but Ronaldo refused. He opted to use the Snapchat app to take the photo, as he was displeased with the situation. The fan approached him while he was about to get into his car, but Ronaldo declined.

“This is Snapchat.”

Ronaldo appears to dislike filters! The video suddenly cut off after their interaction, leaving the rest of their meeting a mystery. The renowned Portuguese athlete frequently shares selfies on social media, but it seems he is not a fan of Snapchat.


Shortly before being banned from entering the country due to Instagram restrictions, Al Nassr player Cristiano Ronaldo was given a warning by a rival player, who stated that he always has the support of others through prayer.

The superstar joined TikTok in a bid to start a new social media account. Despite having 6.5 million followers in an hour, the company banned him from using the app. It’s odd for the star to be banned from the social media platform, given his widespread fame. But Ronaldo showed his lighter side when he went to Iran. 

An Iranian child’s dreams have been realized!

When he traveled to Iran to compete against Ohod in the Asian Champions League, the streets were flooded with fans eager to greet the famous player. At one point, CR7 had to come out of his window to ask the fans to quiet down so he could rest. However, he noticed a young fan among the crowd and was eventually invited to take a photo with him.

Ronaldo met the kid, who couldn’t believe what happened, and they hugged while the Portuguese star shared his Al Nassr jersey. The kid also did his trademark celebration, ‘Siuu’ 

This captures a sincere moment. The takeaway is to avoid using a filter-focused app and instead use a traditional camera when taking photos of Ronaldo.


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Cristiano Ronaldo has been banned from using TikTok and has also decided to stop using Snapchat, rejecting a request from a fan of Al Nassr. This information was shared on EssentiallySports.