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Coco Gauff’s incredible performance at the China Open has caused a stir among fans, with many comparing it to the phenomenon known as ‘Linsanity’. She captivated the audience with her flawless display and continued her impressive winning streak.

2017 French Open champion, Jelena Ostapenko

Coco Gauff is currently unstoppable. The talented American player, who surprised everyone with her recent victory at the US Open, is on track to make history in China. In her first appearance at the China Open, she advanced to the round of 16 with a hard-fought victory over 2017 French Open winner Jelena Ostapenko.Petra

In the final set, Martić and Gauff competed in a tiebreaker, with Gauff demonstrating her impressive resilience and solidifying her current top position.

As she advanced to the next round, there was a lot of hype and admiration from fans for her impressive tiebreak performances. With her current level of play, supporters will have high expectations for her in the upcoming round.

The crowd is buzzing with excitement as Coco Gauff dominates the match with an outstanding performance during the tie-breaks.

After Coco Gauff’s impressive showing at the China Open, Twitter was flooded with reactions from users. One fan took to the platform to express their excitement, stating that Coco Gauff has improved significantly and other WTA players should be worried. They specifically mentioned her flawless performance in a tiebreak against Martic.

In a subsequent tweet, the user expressed their strong belief in Coco Gauff’s potential for success in her career. They went on to say that they have more trust in Gauff than any other tennis player, praising her impressive abilities.

The user discussed Coco Gauff’s impressive performance in the tiebreaks during her advancement to the next round at the China Open. The user exclaimed, “Gauff’s level in the tiebreak was incredible, my goodness!” in their tweet.

The recognition of her exceptional performance in the tiebreaker continued. Another individual joined in and commended Gauff for her heroic performance in the tiebreaks. The user stated, “Gauff’s tiebreaker was like linsanity.”

One fan commented that this was the most challenging game they’ve seen Coco Gauff play this year. Despite the difficulty, she ultimately emerged victorious against Martic.

Numerous fans believe that the tennis match between these two players is among the most captivating ones in recent years. Additionally, the user praised Gauff’s exceptional performance during the match, stating “Coco’s exceptional tennis skills and the intensity of the match against Petra Martic are a must-see. She has truly come into her own and is a thrill to watch.”

A different fan stepped forward to discuss the current state of Coco Gauff and stated that she is facing the world. The user expressed optimism, saying “It will only improve from here on out!!! Gauff conquers the world.”

Finally, another fan joined the conversation and praised the current performance of the US Open winner, declaring that she is on a remarkable streak. The user exclaimed, “Coco Gauff, you are amazing! That tiebreak was absolutely unbelievable!”

Hence, social media was inundated with accolades for Coco Gauff’s outstanding performance. Her victory not only secured her a spot in the final 16, but also highlighted her status as one of the top players currently. Additionally, this win also marked another record for her.

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After her incredible victory at the China Open, Coco Gauff has now set another record.

Coco Gauff’s exceptional performance has earned her a large following of fans. In addition to securing her spot in the final 16 of the China Open, she is currently on a 14-game winning streak. This is a remarkable achievement for the 19-year-old tennis player.

Expanding on her achievements, she has won 20 out of the 21 matches she has played recently, including the Citi Open, Cincinnati Masters, US Open, and China Open. It remains to be seen when she will decide to take a break.

In her current state, it is clear that she has the potential to become a prominent figure in the future, possibly following in the footsteps of tennis legends like Serena Williams. What are your thoughts on this matter? Please share in the comments section.

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