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“Check out: Kawhi Leonard’s Incredible Shot Against the Jazz in Preseason Opener Ends in Unfortunate Result.”

The NBA preseason has officially started after a long break. The first game was between the Dallas Mavericks and the Minnesota Timberwolves in Abu Dhabi. Now, teams are back in the United States and competing with their full rosters. In a recent game, the Los Angeles Clippers played against the Utah Jazz, with both of their star players, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, on the court, making it an exciting matchup.

Although there were multiple changes in momentum throughout the game, the Clippers appeared to gain control early on. Despite Paul George’s comparatively lower output, they maintained a seven-point advantage at the end of the first half.

Kawhi Leonard made a spectacular shot that resembled a circus trick.

In the second quarter, near the end, the Clippers were leading by nine points against the Jazz. Paul George went towards the basket after a Zubac’s screen. He tried to make a layup but instead passed the ball to Terance Mann, who couldn’t hold onto it. Kawhi Leonard saw this as a chance and took the loose ball. He drew a foul and tried to make a shot for an “and-1” play. However, the referees did not count Kawhi’s attempt as a valid shot and only called it a foul. The Clippers then shared a funny take on this moment on social media.

Although they were only behind the Jazz by seven points at halftime, the Clippers ended up trailing by three after the third quarter. In the final quarter, they attempted to make a comeback, but unfortunately, the Jazz came out on top with a final score of 101-96.

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In the Clippers’ game, Nah’Shon Hyland scored 18 points and Kawhi Leonard added 11. The Jazz also had four players who scored in double digits.

Kawhi is close to agreeing to a contract extension, but he is not in a rush.

Kawhi Leonard has been eligible for a contract extension for several months, but he has not received an offer yet. In an interview with the LA Times, Leonard expressed confidence that a deal will be reached eventually. He also stated that he does not want to rush the process since it doesn’t seem to be happening quickly.

Leonard, who is currently 32 years old, has the option to become a free agent after this season. If he chooses not to exercise his player option for the 2024/25 season, he could potentially earn $48.8 million. In the meantime, he is guaranteed to make $45.6 million for the current season.

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If Leonard decides to extend his contract in the 2023/24 season, he will need to decline his player option as part of the deal. This could result in Leonard earning a higher salary, assuming he signs another maximum contract.

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