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“Charles Barkley insults ‘Ginny’ O’Neal on TNT’s Halloween special: When does an unattractive woman not deserve criticism?”

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without the ‘Big Fellas’ and their commitment to perfecting their costumes. As always, the beloved NBA on TNT crew showed off their outfits with excitement and childlike joy. However, Charles Barkley couldn’t resist making a classic, on-air prank during the festivities.

The four well-known individuals began the show by discussing their roles and what motivated them to portray their characters. Although all of them had intriguing personas, one in particular caught the attention of the audience and Barkley.

Charles Barkley criticizes Ginny O’Neal

Shaq, with his unique appearance featuring long hair and pierced lips, made a splash in the NBA Preseason and appeared to be the one stealing the spotlight.

Ernie Johnson asked Shaq about his costume, to which Shaq admitted he was dressed as Jimmy Butler. While posing for the camera, Barkley jokingly called him “Ginny Butler”.

Kenny Smith and Ernie continued to compliment Shaq’s Butler impression, while Barkley made another memorable comment. He asked, “When is an unattractive woman considered not unattractive?”

On a special Halloween edition of TNT, Charles Barkley sparked controversy by insulting “Ginny” O’Neal and questioning when an unattractive woman is considered to be good. This was featured in a post on EssentiallySports.