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Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, a standout receiver in the Pro Bowl, is looking to share in a $10 million payout with Nickmercs in Las Vegas.

The streaming world is constantly changing. Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has caused many content creators and streamers to move to other platforms. In recent months, several renowned Twitch creators, such as xQc and Amouranth, have left for Kick. These streamers have signed lucrative contracts with the emerging streaming platform. The newest addition to Kick’s roster is FaZe Clan member Nickmercs, who has allegedly signed a one-year deal worth $10 million.

The Pro Bowl Star winner, Chad “Ochocino” Johnson, has taken notice of the current deal and is interested in being a part of it. He has been using X to communicate with Nickmers and explore the opportunity of securing a similar deal with Kick.

A former NFL player is interested in meeting with Nickmercs at a McDonald’s restaurant.

On October 19th, FaZe Nickmercs revealed on X, previously known as Twitter, that he has joined Kick. Through a brief video, Nickmercs is shown “kicking down” a set of doors, symbolizing a new phase. The Mfam founder stated “a fresh start” as he begins a new partnership with Kick, though not exclusively. This move has caught the attention of a former NFL player, who appears to be seeking a similar arrangement.

Chad Johnson, also known as “Ochocino,” was a highly regarded wide receiver in his prime. Although his career may not be legendary, he achieved success during his time with the Miami and Cincinnati teams. When Nickemercs revealed his move to Kick, Johnson contacted the streamer via X and discussed the potential for signing a similar deal with the green platform.

The online statements made by FaZe Nickmercs about cancel culture have sparked a debate, with the motto “We Speak Our Mind.”

Johnson suggested meeting at a McDonald’s and joked about sending their wives to shop while they discussed business. The retired NFL player owns three McDonald’s locations in the US, so it makes sense that he would feel comfortable at his preferred fast-food chain in Las Vegas.

Nickemercs starts a new adventure.

Creator and FaZe Clan member Nickmercs rose to fame thanks to his CoD: Warzone streams. For almost a decade, the streamer has been an active creator on Twitch. His imposing personality and videos of Fortnite, Warzone, and Apex Legends helped him garner almost 7 million followers.

During his peak, Nickmercs had 80,000 subscribers per month. However, when Twitch announced a decrease in creator revenue share from 70% to 50%, many streamers, including Nickmercs, expressed their discontent. Share your thoughts on Nickmercs’ future plans with Kick by commenting below.

NASA plans to launch a streaming service that could potentially challenge the monopoly of Twitch and Kick. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development!

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, a Pro Bowl star receiver, is looking to get a share of the $10 million pot in Las Vegas with Nickmercs. This was reported by EssentiallySports.