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“Caution Urged for F1 as Daniel Ricciardo’s Physical Endurance Falters: Does Not Secure Grand Prix Victory”

We have observed numerous cases on the grid that challenge the typical age standards in Formula 1. Age is not a determining factor in racing in F1; skill is what matters. However, even if a driver is skilled and fits well into the overall dynamic, there are still situations where they must recognize when it is time to move on. This also applies to teams who have drivers on their roster who, despite being physically fit and capable, are no longer able to win races. This is the predicament that Red Bull faces with Daniel Ricciardo and Liam Lawson.

The young Kiwi shined in the absence of Ricciardo and announced himself to the world of F1. Despite that, he will not be a part of the circus in 2024. Don’t get us wrong, even Eddie Jordan, while speaking on the Formula for Success podcast, believes Ricciardo is in top shape and an asset to F1. However, on the other hand, he believes that gone are the days the Australian could win races and also believes drivers like Lawson should get their chance.

Jordan complimented Daniel’s social skills and physical appearance, stating that he has a great smile, a lovely personality, and is in excellent shape. He also mentioned that Daniel stands out when he goes for a swim due to his impressive six-pack.

He then expressed his criticism, saying that it would not lead to winning the Grand Prix. He also mentioned a potential difference between the AlphaTauri and Red Bull cars for the upcoming year, possibly indicating that they are not as compatible as before. This makes it difficult for the team to compete. While he would like to see Lawson join the team, he also believes that Formula 1 should not lose talented drivers and personalities like Daniel.

Helmut Marko gives Liam Lawson another chance to join Formula 1, just days after re-signing Daniel Ricciardo at AlphaTauri.

Although his break was shorter than anticipated, Ricciardo quickly returned to the track and felt comfortable after a few practice sessions off the track. Recent developments have highlighted that Lawson deserves an opportunity, and Eddie Jordan is not the only one who believes this.

An experienced F1 driver makes a surprising declaration in the ongoing discussion between Daniel Ricciardo and Liam Lawson.

After taking over for Ricciardo, Lawson has competed in four races and has excelled in all of them. Although he has only earned points in Singapore, the newcomer has shown exceptional skill in a below-average AlphaTauri vehicle.

His skills on the track were impressive enough to sway F1 veteran Peter Windsor’s opinion of his racing abilities. The British journalist even made a confident remark about him and Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo

The 2023 Formula One Dutch Grand Prix, also known as the Formel 1 Grosser Preis von Holland 2023, will feature Daniel Ricciardo from Australia racing for Scuderia Alpha Tauri Formula One Team. The event will be part of the 3rd round of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship in 2023. The race will take place at the Zandvoort Circuit in Zandvoort, with the copyright owned by xBEAUTIFULxSPORTS/Bernhardtx.

In Windsor’s opinion, Liam Lawson is currently performing just as well as Daniel Ricciardo for AlphaTauri. He believes that Liam’s ability to bump Max to P11 in Q2 is something Daniel may not have been able to do. Overall, Windsor believes that Liam is currently a faster driver than Daniel.

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The future of Lawson’s career with AlphaTauri beyond 2024 is uncertain. However, his recent performances in the past four races have gained him significant “track credit” that may secure his spot until 2025.

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