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Can you introduce Paige Spiranac’s elder sister, Lexie? Learn about the highly intelligent sibling who the American star secretly admires!

Paige Spiranac enjoys being in the spotlight and has successfully used it to gain a large fan base and establish a supportive community for herself. Conversely, her sister is not as fond of attention.

Lexie (Spiranac) Mitchell is Paige’s sister, and she even has her Instagram profile locked. The profile picture shows her holding her two kids. The siblings recently co-wrote a children’s book that they are promoting of late. We thought this might be a good time to discuss Lexie Mitchell and the things we know about her. Hop in!

The Spiranac family

Paige and Lexie are from a lively and athletic household. Their dad, Dan, used to play football and their mom, Annette, was a ballerina. The two sisters have a five-year age gap, with Lexie being the older sibling.

Dan Spiranac had hopes for his daughters to become professional golfers in the future. While both made an effort, Lexie quickly lost interest in golf. Paige, on the other hand, continued for a considerable amount of time before finding her own path.

Paige’s transition from gymnastics to golf required her to relocate to Arizona, and her mother accompanied her. Meanwhile, Lexie remained in Colorado with their father, focusing on her own schooling.

During Paige’s podcast, the sisters shared that they were frequently asked if their parents were separated due to their physical separation. This greatly bothered the sisters. However, it seems that even before this, their childhood was not typical.

was filled with sports, games, and activities, that

As a child, Lexie (Spiranac) Mitchell was involved in a variety of sports, games, and activities.

The Spiranac siblings had a non-traditional upbringing, according to their own account. Paige clarified that her childhood was unique, while Lexie’s was more typical.

Lexie stopped her and pointed out that Paige’s childhood was unusual, which made her own childhood strange as well. They both chuckled awkwardly and moved on.

They discussed their feelings of envy towards one another. Paige envied her sister’s height and strength. “I believe I was envious of you because dad was the one who mainly raised you. You had more freedom than I did.”

Lexie was known to have participated in both volleyball and basketball during her time in school. The sisters came to a mutual understanding that Lexie was the more studious and bookish of the two. Due to living in separate locations, their relationship gradually became distant.

The phase when the sisters weren’t getting along 

During Lexie’s college years, she appeared to have everything under control while Paige struggled. This caused concern for their parents, leading to attempts to improve the situation but unintentionally fueling a competitive dynamic between the sisters. They eventually acknowledged that they had not had much interaction for quite some time.

While reflecting on their memories from that time, Paige unintentionally mentioned “my parents”, which led to a big laugh between the two. She then corrected herself and said “our parents” before continuing with the episode.

During Lexie’s college years, her coach strongly urged her to participate in heptathlon events. However, she did not have a good rapport with her coach and ultimately felt overwhelmed by the demands of competitive running, leading her to drop out after only a year.

began with her passion for writing and desire to connect with others.

Lexie Mitchell started her job as a communication expert because of her love for writing and her goal to connect with people.

Lexie received her BA in Communication and Media Studies from the highly esteemed Stanford University, where she was also recognized with the Standford Award of Excellence. In contrast to most, she has remained dedicated to her chosen field and forged a successful career from it.

Lexie Mitchell is a freelance writer and content consultant who focuses on personal branding and helping small businesses grow. She emphasizes her entrepreneurial spirit in her public profiles.

The Colorado School of Mines holds a significant place on her resume, as she served as an Assistant Director for two programs from 2017 to 2019.

“Paige Spiranac, the gorgeous American golfer, has teased her fans with a cryptic message hinting at an upcoming announcement.”

“American golfer Paige Spiranac has tantalized her fans with a mysterious message alluding to an upcoming revelation.”

In addition to creating her own work, Lexie also involved her sister in the art.

The Spiranac sisters have taken on a new role as authors for the first time.

Lexie Mitchell and Paige Spiranac have collaborated on a new book for kids called “Hattie Goes Golfing.” The cover features a young bear carrying a golf bag and strolling through a course. While the bear may seem adorable, it’s hard to say for sure.

Based on appearances, it may seem that “Hattie” is based on the younger sister. However, according to Lexie’s social media post about the book, it is possible that the character draws from the experiences of both sisters.



“Check out this post on Instagram.”



The Back Nine Press Instagram account shared a post.

She wrote,

The battle with fear of failure and the need for approval has been a personal challenge for me, and I believe it is something that many of you can also understand, regardless of whether you play golf or not.

The book appears to focus on motivating children to engage in sports, specifically golf. However, according to Lexie’s own description, the main message of the book is to educate children on the significance of following their instincts.

Before wrapping up, let’s briefly look at the marriage of Lexie Mitchell.

The Mitchell Family

Lexie and Josh Mitchell are married and have two children. When discussing her children, Lexie stated that even though she loves babies, the experience of being pregnant and becoming a new mother was challenging for her.

She expressed gratitude for her husband’s assistance, but it did not significantly alleviate her struggles. They reside in Colorado, the state where Lexie spent her childhood.

If you want to learn more about the sisters, you can find additional details about them in the “Hot Sister” episode of Paige Spiranac’s podcast, “Playing a Round with Paige”. Feel free to show your appreciation in the comments section.

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