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As Toto Wolff boldly responds to the situation, Lewis Hamilton finds solace in the midst of the chaos at the US GP by focusing on the positive aspects.

Lewis Hamilton has been eagerly pursuing another win in Formula 1 for the past two seasons. Despite holding the record for 103 race wins, he has been unable to add to his tally. While his teammate ended Mercedes’ winless streak at the 2022 Brazilian GP, Hamilton has been determined to secure his own victory. Some thought this could have happened at the Singapore GP this year, as Red Bull was facing difficulties. However, it turned out to be just a fleeting possibility. At the US GP, Hamilton’s hope shifted into genuine belief, only to be ultimately disappointed.

F1’s trip to the Circuit of The Americas every season never disappoints. 2023 was no different. Double the racing action owing to the Sprint format gave Hamilton—the most successful driver in COTA—double the chances to impress. After a P2 in the Sprint, the seven-time champion looked to emulate that same performance in the race. And that’s precisely what he did, only to fall prey to the chaos that ensued after.

Lewis Hamilton is considering the larger perspective.

In the first half of the season, it seemed impossible to finish a race within 10 seconds of Max Verstappen in first place. However, after the break, teams such as Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren have made significant progress in narrowing the gap. Although Singapore was seen as a minor setback for Red Bull’s otherwise flawless season, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes’ impressive performance at the US Grand Prix was well-deserved. Despite facing slow pit stops that left Hamilton over six seconds behind Lando Norris in second place during the final stint, he managed to pass the young British driver and closely trail Verstappen in the last two laps. He was even in contention for the win.

Despite Verstappen’s struggles with brake issues, Mercedes displayed impressive race pace throughout the weekend. Hamilton, who could have potentially achieved his 104th win with a few more laps, settled for second place. However, the race took a turn for the worse as the FIA discovered that Hamilton’s car did not meet the legal requirements, leading to his disqualification. Despite finishing less than three seconds behind Verstappen, it was ultimately a disappointing end to race day for Hamilton.

Given that Mercedes should have closely monitored the situation, Toto Wolff, the team’s principal, commented on it by saying:
“We should focus on the positives. Losing races is always difficult, and our entire team is feeling the pain. However, this is a track where we struggled in the past due to its fast sweeping corners. In contrast to our struggles in Suzuka, we performed well here.”
Hamilton echoed his boss’ comments and looked at the silver lining. He said,

“I am optimistic about our progress going forward, despite the fact that upon reflection, we may have had a chance to win today. While it is disappointing to be disqualified after the race, it does not diminish the strides we have made this weekend.”

“We’re making progress”: After taking a calculated risk of $126,000, Toto Wolff’s decision pays off and Lewis Hamilton shifts focus from recent letdowns.

Mercedes introduced a new floor in Austin, and from the looks of it, it’s worked well. This also points to positive signs for 2024, a belief that Mercedes can win again. It’s the same belief that compelled Hamilton to echo Wolff’s feelings about losing.

Hamilton is dedicated to leading Mercedes back to a championship victory.

Hamilton is 38. At the Italian GP this season, he announced a two-year contract extension with Mercedes, which would ensure he’s still in F1 after he turns 40. This came after he stated multiple times that he wouldn’t want to stay in F1 after he turned 40. But he has unfinished business to take care of and won’t quit until he’s sorted that out. At least, that’s what he said in an interview after the contract announcement.

“I have been here for quite some time, but I cannot afford to put in less effort than these younger individuals. I must push myself even harder in training as it takes longer for me to recuperate.” said Hamilton.

There are moments when one may feel like stepping back and enjoying a simple life at the beach. However, that is not in my nature. With my strong sense of competitiveness, I still have that drive to fight and win. I despise losing just as much as I always have. I derive joy from getting behind the wheel, buckling up, and pushing myself to the limit on the track. I am dedicated to putting in the effort required to achieve greatness. I will continue on this path. 

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What are your predictions for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes for the rest of the races? Is it possible for the seven-time champion to secure a second place finish even after being disqualified due to Sergio Perez’s victory?

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