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Aryna Sabalenka, a talented tennis player from Belarus, shares an emotional connection with her “soulmate” as they form a strong bond while competing fiercely.

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa’s ‘Tsitsidosa’ may come and go, but the besties’ affection, Sabadosa, is definitely for life. The soulmate connection that Aryna Sabalenka and the Spanish tennis player share is just unbelievable. They are both close friends who met each other while on tennis tours together, and the rest is history. Even today, both of them are inseparable in terms of their amazing friendship.

The main inquiry is: How does it feel to be friends with someone who can also be your rival at times? The victor of the 2023 Australian Open recently discussed discovering a kindred spirit on the tour in the shape of the ex-second-ranked player.

Aryna Sabalenka discusses her partner in life, Paula Badosa.

The top-ranked tennis player in the world displayed her impressive tennis abilities at the China Open. Following her victory in the initial round of the competition, she mentioned her close friend, Badosa, during a press conference.

The speaker mentioned that it is rare to find one’s soulmate in their field because they are competitors. However, they have an agreement where they can be opponents on the court and say whatever they want, but off the court, they are friends again. It may take a day for them to accept the fact that one of them lost, but then they resume their friendship. The speaker finds this challenging but is delighted to have such a close friend.

The speaker stressed that it’s challenging to discover one’s soulmate in the world of professional tennis, but they also expressed gratitude for finding Badosa. Additionally, they mentioned that the 25-year-old Spanish player is a kind person and having her as a companion is crucial to them.

“Aryna Sabalenka, a stunning Belarusian, reveals her lively character as she moves on from her disappointing experience at the US Open.”

Last week, prior to their participation in the China Open, the top-ranked player and his 25-year-old Spanish girlfriend enjoyed a wonderful date night together. This occurred amidst rumors of their split, which left many surprised and taken aback.

Sabalenka and Badosa went on a girls’ date night

Just a few days ago, the 2023 Australian Open champion took to her Instagram account to share an amazing insight into having a different kind of date night with her soulmate. The latter posted their picture together and wrote, “Love this girl #soulmate.”


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Based on the image, it was clear that the pair were enjoying a lovely dinner date, as they appeared joyful and rejuvenated. While the Spaniard was seen spending time with her close friend, speculations about her split in the tennis community started to spread. However, after spending quality time with her friend and savoring their moments together, the couple dismissed all rumors of a breakup.

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Aryna Sabalenka, a talented tennis player from Belarus, shares an emotional bond with her ‘soulmate’ as they navigate through intense competition together. This was recently discussed on EssentiallySports.