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Arnold Schwarzenegger recently shared that his ill-fated attempt at comedy, titled “Told Me Not to Throw Up,” was rejected by late night show producers in 1988. The actor expressed regret over the failed joke.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

He has had a successful and prestigious career.bodybuilding

He is a renowned figure in both the bodybuilding world and the movie industry, having won the prestigious Mr. Olympia title seven times. Additionally, he has achieved success as a comedic and action film star. Despite being 76 years old, he had a clear vision of his goals from a young age and was able to achieve them.

Put all your faith in the film ‘Twins’.

Arnie’s excellent comedic timing and impressive physicality were major factors in the success of the film.

Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s funny side was on display once again during his appearance on Conan O’Brien and Team Coco’s podcast to promote his new book.Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life’,

The discussion turned to Saturday Night Live, where Arnie had previously entertained everyone with his humor.

Conan O’Brien and Arnold Schwarzenegger reflect on their previous brief appearance together.

Unable to reword.

Conan O’Brien is seeking companionship

Arnold enjoyed listening to O’Brien & Co.’s podcast, where he heard their line reading from a script that had been put on the shelf. He enthusiastically gave his approval of the skit and even humorously pointed out some of the dialogue from the script.Hans and Franz,

The podcast hosts were laughing hysterically.

Conan could not stop his laughter when Arnie recalled the script line by line. Schwarzenegger approved of the humor that was made about him. He encouraged the late-night show host to make a film about Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon’s Saturday Night Live

The brothers who were bodybuilders, who were inspired by him. Arnie confessed.

“I found it incredibly amusing. To be completely honest, I have never laughed as much at a comedy movie as I did just listening to you.”

Hans and Franz made their debut in SNL on season 13 and appeared in a recurring skit named 

“Getting Strong with Hans & Franz.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared twice in the skit, in 1988 and 1991. During the podcast, Conan revealed that they surprised him with a life-size cutout of Arnold in boxer shorts and asked him to react. The dedicated actor and bodybuilder went above and beyond by requesting to act as if he was throwing up during that portion of the skit.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger experienced a life-altering realization while voluntarily teaching someone the proper technique for bench pressing, despite not receiving any monetary compensation.

The Terminator actor said, 

I was advised by the producer or showrunner of the late-night show not to vomit.

“After hearing this, everyone erupted in laughter.”

“Wouldn’t it be convenient if I could simply vomit? I mentioned this because I believe there may be something in his body that could induce vomiting.”

“Regrettably, the producer declined due to the family-friendly nature of the show. According to the producer, this may not be suitable for viewers.”“grossed out.”

The bodybuilding titleholder and ex-governor of California consistently values the humor of others, as seen in his admiration for Dax Shepard.

Dax Shepard remembers causing Arnold to laugh.


Comedian Jimmy Kimmel posed a question.

After encountering Arnold, Shepard, a podcast host, was enthusiastic about sharing his thoughts on the experience. He mentioned that the actor greatly appreciated humor.

Shepard was given the opportunity to join Arnold on a motorcycle trip. As they ate breakfast, he was also granted the chance to imitate Arnie in his presence. With flawless execution, he shared the words of Arnie:

“I have watched Without A Paddle and Punk’d, Dax, and I must say you are absolutely hilarious.” 

After a week, Arnie surprisingly reached out to him and asked that Shepard include his impression in all future comedy shows.

The actor, Arnold, was delighted at the idea of Shepard imitating him in his comedic performances. Arnold is known for his wit and intelligence, and has frequently showcased his humorous side.

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a larger size

What is your opinion on the concept of increasing the size?Hans and Franz

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In 1988, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a regretful moment from his comedy career when late night show producers rejected his attempt at a joke titled “Told Me Not to Throw Up”. He reveals that the joke was gross and was not well received. This news was originally reported on EssentiallySports.