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An 87-year-old Sri Lankan veteran cheerleader, affectionately called ‘Uncle Percy,’ has passed away.

In case you have observed a cricket match, you are aware that its supporters are among the most passionate supporters of any sport. They display their enthusiasm by dressing in their country’s flag, painting their bodies, and emulating the jerseys of their beloved players. However, there are also some fans who have shown unwavering dedication to their teams for many years, even decades, and have gained a notable following. Today, we remember one such fan – an 87-year-old Sri Lankan supporter who recently passed away.

Percy Abeysekera, also known as “Uncle Percy,” gained global recognition for his unwavering support for the sub-continental team. Recent reports confirm that the 87-year-old has been battling health issues and has passed away. Percy, known for his cheerful demeanor, displayed his dedication to Sri Lankan cricket by consistently attending their matches since the second World Cup in 1979.

Percy Abeysekera- A rare cheerleader from a forgotten age

Cricket fans, especially in the Indian subcontinent are a fickle bunch.  However, ‘ Uncle Perry’ was a fan of a very different kind. He made sure he supported his team, irrespective of the outcome, a rarity in this day and age. His energy rubbed off on everyone around the stadium, often resulting in spontaneous outbursts of cheers that mimic elaborate choreographed performances.

In August of this year, Sri Lanka’s beloved cheerleader, Uncle Percy, celebrated his 87th birthday. According to a Newswire report, Percy had been facing health challenges. The Sri Lankan Cricket Association recognized his significant contributions to the sport and donated Rs 5 million towards his recovery. Sadly, Uncle Percy did not overcome his recent illness.


The beloved cheerleader of Lanka.

Uncle Percy will forever be remembered as Sri Lanka’s most legendary supporter. It is uncommon for a non-player to receive such admiration and esteem, but Uncle Percy’s widespread recognition is a testament to the influence he has had on the sport and the way he has influenced popular culture in the nation.

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During challenging periods such as those faced by Sri Lanka, individuals like Percy play a crucial role. Their unwavering dedication provides the team with added drive to strive and progress. His absence will be deeply felt and the citizens of Sri Lanka will forever hold him in their hearts. Share your favorite memories of ‘Uncle Percy’ in the comments section.

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An 87-year-old veteran cheerleader from Sri Lanka, known as ‘Uncle Percy,’ has passed away.