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Alexander Zverev’s playful nature caught the attention of his 31-year-old girlfriend as she responded to his teasing comment about her as a “panda”.

At 26 years old, Alexander Zverev is known for his powerful serves and quick movements on the tennis court. But off the court, there’s another side of Zverev that has captured the hearts of fans and caught the attention of his partner, Sophia Thomalla. The German tennis player recently traveled to Beijing for the 2023 China Open. A charming Instagram video showcased a playful and genuine aspect of his personality that sparked conversation among viewers.

Thomalla, a multi-talented individual with a successful career in acting, and TV hosting, has been a steady presence in Zverev’s life. Zverev and Thomalla have been standing out as truly newsworthy for their lovable moments. Their Insta posts and stories have found headlines for the way they complement each other’s lives.

Alexander Zverev posted a cute Instagram video of a panda gesture, bringing joy to his girlfriend Sophia Thomalla.

Alexander Zverev is eager to compete at the 2023 China Open, but he wasn’t the only one anticipating the event. His partner, Sophia Thomalla, a versatile performer and model, also joined in on the excitement. Their relationship has drawn interest from their fans, and they have made a few public appearances together.

Upon arriving in Beijing for the competition, Zverev was pleasantly surprised with a thoughtful display of gifts in his lodging. These gifts included creatively designed banners showcasing his impressive collection of 20 tour-level titles.

On April 23, 2022, during the 31st match of the 2021/2022 season in the 1st Bundesliga between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, German player Alexander Sascha Zverev shared a kiss with his girlfriend Sophia Thomalla in Munich, Germany.

Zverev wasted no time in expressing his thankfulness and admiration on his Instagram stories. He shared pictures of the thoughtful presents and even included a playful panda video. He also wrote a lighthearted caption, stating, “This reminds me of some familiar faces.”

The notice of the panda was especially charming, and it grabbed the eye of his sweetheart, Sophia Thomalla. She immediately reshared the reel on her Instagram story. In an energetic tone, she addressed why she was tagged in the post. Her answer, “Why am I tagged in this” added a component of saucy talk to the trade.

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The lighthearted exchange between Zverev and Thomalla provided a glimpse into the playful aspect of their relationship. It showcased the couple’s knack for sharing humorous moments, despite being physically separated due to their individual careers and obligations.

Zverev previously revealed information about his happy relationship with his girlfriend.

In a 2021 interview, the German player expressed his satisfaction with his relationship. Zverev mentioned that he and his girlfriend have a strong connection and a deep understanding of each other’s lives. He shared that her presence has brought balance and happiness to his life. The tennis star also revealed that they have similar perspectives and greatly value each other’s conversations. Zverev feels fortunate to have Thomalla by his side, providing unwavering support, especially during competitions and travels.

Zverev’s supporters have noticed the beneficial impact of his romantic relationship on his life. He appears to be happier and more relaxed both on and off the tennis court. It appears that love has brought joy to his personal life and has also played a role in his success as a professional player.

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Alexander Zverev’s playful comment about pandas caught the attention of his 31-year-old girlfriend, who reacted to his romantic side. This was shared by EssentiallySports on their post.