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After years of being known primarily as Dwayne Johnson’s ex-husband, Dany Garcia is now ready to establish her own “universe”.

Dany Garcia gained recognition as a successful entrepreneur, collaborating with her former spouse Dwayne Johnson in multiple ventures such as Seven Bucks Productions, ZOA energy drinks, Teremana Tequila, and XFL. In recent times, she has also established herself as Dwayne Johnson’s manager. Adding to her achievements, she will be featured in a show alongside ESPN that highlights her journey.

The start of the “Dany Garcia Universe.”

“Born to Play”

Dany Garcia shared a promotional post on Instagram for a new documentary about her life. The documentary, titled “Born to Play,” was created by the ESPN team. ‘Dany’ COMS

The documentary was created to showcase the various roles she fulfills. It was produced in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, observed from September 15th to October 15th. She fondly refers to it as COMS, as her team does as well.“The DGU, ( Dany Garcia Universe)”

The video shows several individuals from her personal life who have closely witnessed her journey. This group includes her former spouse Dwayne Johnson, daughter Simon Johnson, and XFL head coach Reggie Barlow.


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Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year to shine a spotlight on more than 60 million Hispanic Americans, Latinos, Latinas, and Latinx-identifying people and their contributions to society. For this year, the theme is

Latinos are contributing to the advancement, influence, and growth of America.

The subject matter is fitting for the Cuban-American entrepreneur of the first generation, as she and Johnson have successfully boosted the success of multiple businesses.

Dwayne Johnson recently revealed his struggles and determination before achieving success in the market. He described his journey as a constant battle, working hard and fighting through obstacles to reach his goals.

In the past few years, the female leader of multiple companies has successfully emerged from her former husband’s influence and established her own reputation. Similar to The Brahma Bull, she has made a point to give back to the community.

Dany Garcia’s heart of gold

and others

The entrepreneur launched a campaign to generate dialogue about the Hispanic and Latino community living in the US. She collaborated with scholar and writer Tanya Hernández, acclaimed filmmaker Nadia Hallgren, and additional individuals. Orange Is the New Black
Dascha Yolaine Polanco, the actress; Robin Arzón, the fitness guru; and Lilliana Vazquez, the journalist, joined forces to create a powerful team.

In addition to empowering individuals from marginalized communities, they also facilitated open discussions about racism and colorism.

Additionally, she initiated a collaboration with Hello Alice to establish a grant program for Latinx-owned businesses. The aim was to support aspiring and established entrepreneurs in maintaining their business endeavors, particularly in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

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Dany Garcia played a major role in both Dwayne Johnson’s personal and professional life. However, she has now established her own reputation. As a forward-thinking businesswoman, she has been by Johnson’s side since his WWE days and has become an integral part of his successful Hollywood business empire, standing just as tall as her ex-husband.

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Dany Garcia is breaking free from her former husband Dwayne Johnson’s shadow and is prepared to launch her own “universe,” according to the article published by EssentiallySports.