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After winning the Ryder Cup, Tommy Fleetwood has his sights set on a generous donation of $1,933,371,195 to his home country as a patriotic gesture!

Despite the Europeans’ early dominance in the 2023 Ryder Cup, their victory was in jeopardy on the third day. The Americans had several players in the lead and others putting up a strong fight, causing the odds to shift between the two sides of the Atlantic. However, Tommy Fleetwood’s win against Rickie Fowler on the 16th hole secured the victory for the European team.

After achieving victory in the Ryder Cup, the English golfer has shared an intriguing revelation. Fleetwood has taken on a venture that will greatly influence his country in the years to come. It involves golf and also relates to the Ryder Cup.

Tommy Fleetwood holds a clear vision behind his recent undertaking

According to a recent statement on Tommy Fleetwood’s official website, he has been actively involved in the creation of a new golf course at Hulton Parkland in Northwest England. The statement reads:

Tommy Fleetwood has been chosen as a representative for a planned, specialized golf course in Bolton, Greater Manchester. This course is aiming to be selected as the location for the Ryder Cup.

Based on the information provided, it is expected that this project will have a significant impact on the region. The golf club is estimated to generate 1,000 job opportunities and result in 1.6 billion pounds in socio-economic benefits over a period of 20 years.

I believe this will encourage a larger number of individuals in the North West to start playing golf. Additionally, for those who do not currently participate in the sport, it will create employment opportunities, attract investments, and promote tourism in the area. Furthermore, it will provide a significant new green area for the community to enjoy. Fleetwood said.

Two other venues have been chosen alongside this one as potential hosts for a future Ryder Cup event. Since the 2025 Ryder Cup will be held in the US, it is probable that this selection is for the following event. Fleetwood has expressed his support for the bid from this venue.

Fleetwood’s role in the venture has a historical significance, making it particularly notable.

Preserving the tradition of golfing.

Tommy Fleetwood hails from Southport, Merseyside, located 20 miles from Preston, Lancashire. It is worth noting that Samuel Ryder, the founder of the Ryder Cup, was also born near Preston in Lancashire, specifically in Walton-le-Dale.

Fleetwood’s upbringing in that neighborhood likely fostered his passion for golf. As he strives to spread his love for the sport to the area, it is bound to gain traction. Additionally, Fleetwood is already quite popular!

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It is possible that in the future, another talented golfer like Samuel Ryder or Tommy Fleetwood could come from this area.

When it comes to creating a lasting legacy, Tommy Fleetwood has also established a golf academy bearing his name. We attempted to investigate any potential links between Tommy Fleetwood and the Fleetwood Golf Club in Lancashire, but were unable to find any connection.

The experienced Ryder Cup player played a key role in Europe’s recent victory. It seems that he is always eager to bring more to the world of golf. And that’s exactly what we want, isn’t it?

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After securing victory at the Ryder Cup, Tommy Fleetwood has set his sights on a generous gift of $1,933,371,195 for his home country.