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After the unexpected loss to the Shock Jets, the Eagles are still considered the top contenders against Miami as a Dolphins insider reveals crucial details to their opponents.

In week 7, the Philadelphia Eagles will face off against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday night. This highly anticipated game will showcase both teams at their best. According to the NFL, the Eagles are favored to win over the Dolphins, despite their unexpected loss to the New York Jets last week with a score of 20-14.

Surprisingly, Dolphins’ Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio, who is familiar with the Eagles’ playing style and strategies, does not have any insider information on how to defend against their offense.


The defensive coordinator for the Dolphins faces a significant challenge in the near future.

Fangio began his career as a coach with the Philadelphia Stars, serving as an assistant. He is a dedicated supporter of the Philadelphia Phillies. Recently, he spent two weeks working with the Eagles as a consultant in anticipation of Super Bowl LVII. This experience may give him an advantage in Sunday’s match.

Fangio argues that this statement is not accurate. He believes he provided the Eagles with more information than they provided him. He also added that this was the outcome of the situation and if there is any benefit, it is in their favor due to his presence last year.


Fangio’s statement was corroborated by the Eagles, with their head coach Nick Sirianni stating, “We did not reveal all the details to him.” Fangio’s arrival as defensive coordinator for the Dolphins was delayed due to his prior consulting agreement with the Eagles.

Raheem Mostert, the running back for the Dolphins, shared that the Defensive Coordinator has not given any advice during the offensive meetings. Despite this, Fangio must come up with a plan to counter the fierce Eagles. This Sunday will reveal if he gained any insights during his time with the Eagles last year.

Which team will emerge victorious in Sunday’s match between the Eagles and Dolphins?

The Eagles and Dolphins are currently playing at their best, each holding a 5-1 record in the league as of Week 6. Although the Eagles were defeated by the Jets in their last game, the Dolphins had a dominant win over the Carolina Panthers with a score of 42-21. This matchup is highly anticipated in the NFL as both teams are considered equal, making it unlikely for one team to have a significant advantage.


The National Football League (NFL) game between the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills on October 1, 2023 took place at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York, USA. During the second quarter, Buffalo Bills linebacker Matt Milano (58) tackled Miami Dolphins running back De Von Achane (28). This photo is for editorial use only and may only be published in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Copyright belongs to Mark Konezny and the date of the photo is October 1, 2023.

The Dolphins hold the top position in all four categories of total offense, passing offense, rushing offense, and total scoring. Their gameplay this season is characterized by a high level of speed. The Eagles’ defense must step up their game to counter the Dolphins’ efficient short and medium passing strategies, which could potentially overpower their pass rush.

Rewritten: At just 25 years old, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa of the Dolphins has established himself as a model of selfless leadership and has received commendation from a veteran teammate.

The Eagles are facing challenges with their passing strategy, but they can find comfort in the fact that the Dolphins’ defense is considered to be relatively weak, particularly in this season. Quarterback Jalen Hurts plays a significant role in the Eagles’ difficulties in the red-zone, as he has thrown 7 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Currently, the team is only successful in scoring touchdowns on 45% of their red-zone chances.

Despite this, the majority of the NFL community is still predicting the Eagles to come out on top in Sunday’s game. Who do you think will be victorious? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Despite losing to the Jets, the Eagles are still considered the top contenders against Miami. A Dolphins insider has leaked crucial information to their rivals.