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After the disappointment of losing “Brotha For Life” Luka Doncic to the Mavericks, the Celtics made the decision to select Jayson Tatum over him, according to a former NBA champion.

The current state of the NBA championship can be compared to the Hunger Games, as numerous teams are eager to emerge victorious this season. However, despite having a strong lineup, only three teams are considered top contenders. The Celtics, led by Jayson Tatum, are one of these teams.

Jayson Tatum’s popularity stems from his dedication to basketball since childhood, not his appearance. His resilient mindset can be attributed to his single mother’s unwavering support for his dreams.

A former NBA champion is resolute in their decision to pick Tatum above all else.

Former Milwaukee Bucks player Jeff Teague recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming NBA season on the Club 520 podcast. Teague, who was previously part of an NBA championship team, strongly disagrees with the idea of including Luka Doncic on the list. He stated, “I would choose Jason Tatum over Luka… Luka is just like a white James Harden.”

The decision to trade Grant Williams to Luka Doncic’s Mavericks is difficult for Teague, who sees Grant as a lifelong brother. Jeff’s comparison of Luka to a “white Harden” reveals his strong opinions on the matter.

After impressing a 10-time NBA All-Star, Jayson Tatum is being praised as the next Paul Pierce, with many claiming he possesses the same level of skill and talent.

Afterwards, the decision to select Tatum over Doncic was not based on emotion. Later in the podcast, DJ Wells and Bishop both believe that Tatum is a dependable player. I agree with that.

The motivation behind Tatum’s actions.

The memory of the day that Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter accident will remain deeply ingrained in the minds of all basketball enthusiasts. For Jayson Tatum, it was a day filled with heartache. Tatum’s initial interest in basketball was sparked by his admiration for Bryant. The exceptional abilities of the Black Mamba left a lasting impression on a young Jayson.

Jayson eventually came to understand that Kobe’s remarkable abilities were a direct result of his strong work ethic. Tatum expressed admiration for this quality, stating on CBS News Boston that it was what first drew him to Kobe. He appreciated how Kobe constantly strived to exceed his potential and surpass others, ultimately proving himself to be the greatest.

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Jayson has been diligently following this work ethic to this day. Initially, he watched Kobe Bryant’s games out of his admiration for the player. However, the next time he watched, he paid close attention to every detail. He understands that he still has much to do to reach Kobe Bryant’s level, but one thing is certain: Jayson Tatum has no plans of slowing down, even for a moment.

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